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Golden Organ Instructor by David Carr Clover - Book 6

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Golden Organ Instructor by David Carr Clover - Book 6

Uitg. Charles Hansen Musoc & Books - New York
Ringband 192 blz. (21.5 x 28 cm)

"The more things change, the more they stay the same" as
applied to organ technique and study, is aptly demonstrated in
this Golden Organ Instructor by the well known composer, teacher
and clinician David Carr Glover.

The innovative method of study herein was devised by Mr.
Glover in the 50's and continues to be as valid in the 70's as it
was when it was formulated. His method has been used by teachers
and home study enthusiasts with great success for the past two

Equally effective for the teachers and home study enthusiasts
of the 70's, is the new Liberace Course. The easy-to-read big note
music features the letter name on every note. This is only one of
the many innovat ions of this organ course designed for the 70's.

The publisher salutes David Carr Glover and Liberace for
their ingenius methods for the musicians of today!

As a further attraction, we have spanned several centuries
of the musical spectrum by including Liberace's One-Step-Up
arrangements of two current favorites; and a modern interpretation
of a seventeenth century Baroque composition by Johann Pachelbel,
re-titled "Canon Drive".

Easy-To-Play Organ Solos including:
- Canon Drive
and Liberace's Ond Step Up Arrangements of:
- You Needed Me (Anne Murray)
- Dancin'Shoes
in Special Bonus Up Front


AllThrough The Night
The Band Played On
Barcarolle (Tales Of Hoffman)
Brother John
Chromatic Fun
Com Shucker's Shuffle
Country Gardens
Dutch Dance
Farmer ln The Dell
Fiddler's Dance
Finger Fun
Gaite Parisienne (C an-Can)
German Dance
Golden Slippers
Gypsy Fun
Happy Times
A Happy Tune
Hymn Tune
Jesu, Joy OÍ Man's Desiring
Largo (Handel)
Lazy Trail
Lightly Row
London Bridge
Londonderry Air
Lullaby (Brahms)
Marching Triplets
Mighty Lak'A Rose
Minuet ln G
Moonlight Song
Musette (Bach)
New World Symphony (Theme)
Night Wind
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Pathetique Symphony (Theme)
Prelude (Chopin)
Scale Fun
Skip To My Lou
Sleepy Time
Trill Fun
Vienna Waltz
Waltz Time
The Willow

From David Carr Gloyer
New All Organ Course Book4:
Evening Star
Evening Vesper
Marche Militaire (Schubert)
Morning Prayer
Pizzicato Polka
Seven Veil
Swiss Twis

From David Carr Glover's Organ Solos
Hansen's Allm Organ Series No.71:
A Bag O f Bones
Dancing ln Mexico
Fat Cat Boogie
One Night ln Spain
Rinky Tink
Salty Polka
Silver Saddle
Slightly Blue
The Big Brass Band
The Skating Rink Waltz

From "Fiddler On The Roof"
First Positions For The Organ:
Fiddler On The Roof
If I Were A Rich Man
Miracle Of Miracles
Now I Have Everything
Sunrise, Sunset
To Life

From David Carr Glover's Chords and Boogie Woogie
Hansen's All Organ Seríes No.17:
Four Boogie Work Outs

From Wonderful Waltzes
Hansen's All Organ Scrlcs No.78:
Sleeplng Beauty Waltz
Vienna Life


Organ Music Rudiments
Playing The Manuals (Hands Separaiely)
Hands Together
Manuals And Pedals
Expression Marks
The Sharp And Flat
Eighth Notes
Manual Practice
lnterval Practice
Pedal And lnterval Practi ce
Major Scales, Scale Practice, Key Signatures
Scale Practice
Major Triad Studies
Dotted Quarter Note And Exercise
Pedal And Chord Practice
Minor Triads And Studies
Harmonic Minor Scales
Leger Lines And Spaces
Minor Scale And Chord Practice
6/8 Time
lnversions Of Triads (Major)
lnversions Of Triads (Minor)
Legato Ghord Study
Melody And Chords, Chords And Melody
Chromatic Scale And Studies
Arpeggios, Arpeggio Study
Sustaining Chord Tones
Thumb Crossing, Left Hand Chords With Pedals
Scale Studies
Percussion Playing

Popular Music
Pedal Technic exercises
Manual Technic Exercises
Triplets, Broken Chord Triplet Study
Sixteenth Notes And Studies
Trill ExerCises
Scale Study
Dotted Eighth Notes And Study
lntervals, Rule For Forming Major
And MinorThirds
Grace Notes
The Mordent
The Tied Grace Note
Arpeggio Study
The Glissando
The Turn
Augmented Triads, Diminished Triads
Augmented And Diminished Chord Study
Legato Connection
The Sustained Arpeggio
Tonal Contrast With The Swell Pedal
Shading Sustained Arpeggios
Accented Swell Pedal

Finger Substitution ln Thirds
Finger Substitution ln Sixths
The Staccato Touch
Finger Substitution ln Chords
All.Purpose Registrations


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