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jomox xbase 888

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Jomox Xbase 888 analog drum synthesizer in uitstekende staat. prijs is inclusief de originele voedingsadapter, handleiding en de verzendkosten! Paypal betaling mogelijk.

Omschrijving van de Jomox website:

· 9 Instruments
Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Lo Tom, Hi Tom, Hi Hat, Clap, Rim, Crash and Ride. All instruments are polyphonically playable and have individual outs. From HH section onwards it^s short 8-bit samples played back with an analog envelope. The sample flash ROM contains 31 samples per instrument, so there^s a total of 155 samples.

· Real analog sound production
on BD, SD, LT and HT with digital control, means storeability and midi-controlability of all parameters. To make the disturbance of analog circuitry as small as possible, all D/A converters are specially adapted to the circuits and being integrated - with proven XBase/AirBase technology.

· 16 knobs
Sound editing is made by endless rotary encoders for every analog parameter which lets you edit the sounds without any jumps or awkward turning jobs.
Close to each knob there is a 3-color LED indicating which parameters for the selected instrument are editable.

· Improved kick drum
The most famous sound of the old XBase09 was actually the kick drum.
Now the the kick of the XBASE 888 has got an adjustable pitch envelope. With this you can create 808-like slow pitch decays. The decay time constant is changed.
The compression parameter is useful to control between a 909-style ultra compressed envelope or an 808-ish exponential curve.

· Analog tom toms
There are also some extremely good sounding and widely editable analog tom toms included as known from AirBase99/JaZBase03/XBASE 999.
Furthermore, they got an adjustable pitch envelope, too.

· Internal step sequencer
The XBASE 888 has the genious step sequencer build in already. There are some improvements to the old products: all patterns are A/B patterns, and it^s your choice if it^s 2 alternating 16 step patterns ore one 32 step pattern. The sequencer is made up by 3-color LEDs to indicate the individual step edit modes known from the XBase09 even better and more intuitive.
The micro shuffle can now be edited for each instrument individually.
Bank select has now an own switch. 4 banks with each 16 A/B patterns are made available, which results in 128 actual 16 step patterns.

· Stereo mix with pan control
All instruments except for kick drum can be panned in the stereo bus. If a plug is inserted to an individual input, the signal is spared out of the stereo bus.

· External midi tracks
As on the XBASE 999 there are at 4 tracks to control external devices by programmable midi notes.

· 2 LFOs
Of course the XBASE 888 has again two phat LFOs that can be beat syncronized or run freely and can be routed to any destination.

· Hi Hat Filter
The Hi Hat section contains a great sounding analog band pass filter with independend lowpass, highpass and resonance controls. Other than the 8-bit HH samples, analog noise can be the sound source as well.
New: instead of pure white noise you can create a great number of different metalized tonal noise signals tweaked by 2 parameters which can be source for snare or hi hat.

· 2x24 Character LCD display
For a more convenient and clear operation the XBASE 888 has a big alphanumerical LCD display. Kits can be named and the analog step sequencer has a bar display.

· Flash sound ROM
The sound flash memory in the percussion section (HH, Clap, Rim, Crash, Ride) which contains 31 samples per instrument can be overwritten by the user via midi sample dump in order to create own samples.

We provide a free tool that converts your *.wav or *.AIFF samples into the right formatted XBASE 888 structure and lets you dump your own created short samples into the XBASE 888.
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