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X2 XDS Plus draadloos gitaar/bas systeem

285 x gezien 7 x bewaard sinds 13 okt. '16, 18:01
€ 165,00


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Type : Overige typen


Super draadloos systeem!! Ik speel niet meer live, dus ik heb liever dat iemand anders hem gebruikt dan dat het een decoratieve functie heeft. :-)

In zeer goede staat verkerend draadloos systeem. Een van de beste die er zijn. Er zit een extra hoge kwaliteit kabel bij naar de zender en een draagsysteem van Maxpedition.
Als je een feilloos systeem zoekt voor weinig geld: DIT IS HET!!

Was nieuw €350 zonder accesoires...
X2 XDS-Plus Overall System Specifications
  • Transmission Format: Line 6 proprietary digital audio transmission
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Audio Dynamic Range: Greater than 118 dB
  • Distortion: 0.03% THD
  • RF Carrier Frequency: 902 MHz to 928 MHz, FSK, dual frequency transmission
  • Compatible Channels: Five
  • RF Output Power: 15mw
  • Audio Output Level: Unity gain with transmitter input
  • Polarity: Positive voltage at input yeilds positive voltage at output
  • Transmission Range: 200 feet line-of-sight (may vary due to local conditions)
  • FCC Approval: Part 15 approved, no user-license required
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20° to +85° C (-4° to +1 85° F)

  • A/D Conversion: 24-bit Delta Sigma, 128 times over sampling
  • Input Impedance: 1.2 M-ohm instrument input, 10K-ohm mic input
  • Connectors: 1/8" Unbalanced locking connector
  • Controls: Power On/Off, Channel Select
  • Five Segment LED Display: Power On, Channel, Battery Life, Audio Level Meter
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 2.4 x 4 x .8" (6.09 x 10.16 x 2.03 cm)
  • Battery Life: 9V alkaline, switching power supply, two modes:

Q-DiversityPLUS mode: ~5.5 hrs in (dual frequency)
Q-Diversity mode: ~6.5 hrs in standard (single frequency)
  • Weight: .25 lbs. (with 9V battery installed)
  • Housing: Polycarbonate, impact tested to 300 lbs.

XDT4 Transmitter Specifications
  • D/A Conversion: 24-bit Delta Sigma, 128 times over sampling
  • Output: 2.12V RMS (Unbalanced: 1.8K Ohm)
  • Connectors: 1/4" Unbalanced TRS output 1.8K-ohm impedance, tip= instrument voicing, ri ng= full bandwidth, sleeve= ground, XLR
  • LED Display: Power On, RF, Channel, Diversity, Battery Life, Audio Level Meter
  • Controls: Power On/Off, Channel Up and Down
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1.44 x 4.5 x 5.65 in. (3.66 x 11.43 x 14.35 cm)
  • Power Requirements: 9V DC 300mA via included AC/DC adapter
  • Weight: .8 lbs
  • Housing: Metal Chassis

XDR2 Receiver Specifications

Brilliant uncompressed tone.
The X2 XDS-PLUS is a rugged, digital instrument wireless system sporting many features of the XDR Series. It's packed into a rugged metal chassis receiver. Thanks to its digital technology you get an extended frequency response and operating range.

Providing guitarists with total freedom, superior tone and refreshing simplicity, X2 XDS-Plus, allows a completely uninhibited musical experience. Performers can keep their energy and attention on their performance, not on their rig. 

Boasting extended frequency response and dynamic range, X2 XDS-Plus produces brilliant sound quality comparable to that of high-quality audio cables. Instead of tripping over dozens of feet of tangled cable, performers will fall for X2 XDS-Plus's clear and powerful tone.

Featuring an extended range of 200 feet, the length of a hockey rink, X2 XDS-Plus provides at maximum range the same blazing signal and brilliant, uncompressed tone that it provides at the source. Analog wireless systems, notorious for rolling off low end, force players, especially bass players, to sacrifice tone for wireless functionality. With X2 XDS-Plus, players can easily interact with the crowd at the foot of the stage without any loss in sound quality. 

Extremely versatile, X2 XDS-Plus even simplifies the recording process. The extended frequency response, 10 Hz 20 kHz, satisfies the expectations guitarists have come to demand from high-quality cable, but without the tangled mess. With their rigs cranked to 11 in the iso-booth, guitarists can play near the band and keep the all-important vibe and that ensures a great take. 

Eradicating common issues that adversely affect traditional analog wireless systems, X2 XDS-Plus utilizes exclusive Line 6 dual-RF technology to guarantee a strong and constant signal and to neutralize issues of static, interference and jamming caused by cell phones, wireless networks and other unforeseen or unknown sources of RF energy. 

Made in the USA, the X2 XDS-PLUS wireless system features X2's companderless technology, and dual digital transmission, for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection. It also has an incredible level of interference protection only available from X2. This wireless system contains an XDT4 digital UHF bodypack transmitter, an XDR2 digital UHF receiver, an instrument cable and 9V DC power supply.
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