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lexicon MPX550 True Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor

240 x gezien 4 x bewaard sinds 14 nov. '16, 14:40
€ 150,00


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Type : Reverb, Multi-effect


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Lexicon MPX550
the MPX550 offers high-end professional features and Lexicon Sound at an affordable price. Like its predecessors, the MPX 550 is a true stereo processor that includes 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion. It relies on the proprietary LexiChip engine to perform 24-bit internal processing. Its 255 carefully crafted presets feature legendary Lexicon reverb, as well as dual programs that combine 2 independent effects in 4 routing configurations. Tempo can be set using audio input, a dual footswitch, the front panel Tap button, or an external MIDI device. A powerful editing tool called Learn Mode allows patching of up to 5 front panel controls. To this, the MPX 550 adds impressive features such as balanced analog inputs and outputs, a large front panel display, 4 Edit knobs for simple parameter adjustment, and an internal power supply.


Legendary Lexicon reverb from proprietary LexiChip

24-bit internal processing and A/D/A conversion

Selectable 44.1 or 48kHz sampling rate

255 presets and 64 User programs, including a Compressor Bank

Dynamics algorithm with enhanced metering

S/PDIF I/O (may be set to wet or dry)

Balanced analog I/O (XLR and 1/4 in.TRS)

Simultaneous analog and digital outputs

Independent processing of each input

Dual programs that combine 2 independent effects in 4 routing configurations

Multiple delay, modulation, and pitch effects

Built-in digital compressor with four adjustable parameters

Tap Tempo

Full MIDI control with software-selectable MIDI Out/Thru connector

Large, graphic front panel display

4 Edit knobs for quick parameter adjustment

Cue Program Mode

Global Mix, Tempo, and Compressor Modes

Internal power supply

Easy Operation
The front panel Program and Edit knobs provide convenient control over all 255 presets and 64 User programs, while a large, graphic front panel display provides at-a-glance viewing of program and system status. When the Load button is pressed, the Program knob selects among Single, Dual, and User programs. Otherwise, the Program knob activates Cue Program Mode, which allows one program to run while another is prepared for loading. The Load button LED lights to indicate that a program is cued for loading. The front panel display indicates the name of the cued program for 4 seconds, then reverts to showing the name of the program that is currently running.

Dedicated Edit knobs work with well-organized Edit Pages to demystify the process of editing programs. Each program includes up to 16 parameters that are organized into Edit Pages. The front panel Edit Pages button cycles through parameters available for the loaded program. Each Edit knob is patched to the corresponding parameter listed across the bottom of the front panel display. Each program also features an Adjust parameter - a special parameter selected for each preset that controls the most critical aspect of the sound. For some presets, the 'Adjust' parameter actually controls several parameters at once to allow simultaneous control over related effects.

Legendary Effects
In addition to the world-class effects provided by the MPX 200:

Compressor -- Provide compression and limiting with ratios from 1:1 to 10:1. The Adjust parameter can be used to volume match input and output levels. Reverb can be used at the same time as the compressor in parallel, or with the compressor acting as an input limiter before the reverb to tame runaway sibilance in the reverb itself.

Dynamics -- Intended for use in the studio for dynamic processing of stereo signals is required. It offers peak expansion, compression, and tape saturation effects, as well as metering options that provide precise visual indication of peak expansion, gain reduction, and input and output levels.

Live-FOH (Front of House) --Designed for live performances, with controls that are more convenient for live sound engineers to operate. All presets are Dual Mono to accommodate sound reinforcement systems used in most small to mid-size venues. The first Edit Page contains the four most essential parameters for the 1st effect, and the second Edit Page contains the 4 most essential parameters for the 2nd effect. Two different knob mappings are available to accommodate multiple work styles.

Tap Tempo
Tap Tempo simplifies the process of matching the delay times and modulation rates of tempo-based presets with those of the music. Whenever a tempo-based preset is loaded, the Tap button LED flashes. To set tempo from the front panel, press the Tap button twice in time with the music. It is not required to enter what 'could be' the delay time in milliseconds. To change tempo, just press the Tap button twice again in the new rhythm. Tempo can also be set using audio input (a must for live performances), a dual footswitch, or an external MIDI device that uses Continuous Controller or Program Change messages.

MIDI Control
The MPX 550 offers full MIDI control, thanks in part to a powerful editing tool called Learn Mode that allows patching of five front panel controls. Standard Continuous Controller, Sys-Ex commands, or Program Change messages can be used to manipulate the Adjust, Effects Lvl/Bal, and Mix knobs, as well as the Bypass and Tap buttons. In addition, Program Change messages can be used to load programs. In the studio, controls can be automated and recorded into a sequencing device for complete preset automation.

The Effects
Legendary Lexicon reverbs are represented in full force, with classic Plates, Gates/Inverses, Halls, Rooms, and Chambers that recreate the acoustics of actual live spaces and world-class Ambience for room sounds without reverb.

Inherited from the award-winning PCM 70, the Lexicon Chorus effect uses 6 independently randomized delay voices panned across the stereo field to create a rich, airy effect that can multiply a single source into many.

Lexicon Flange recreates the rich, sweeping sound of classic analog flanging by use of two 2-tap delays - one per channel. While one tap is fixed, the second sweeps past it. Mixing the 2 delay taps together creates the characteristic swishing, tunneling and fading sound.

Pitch allows complete program material or monophonic sources to be shifted from 2 octaves down, to 1 octave up.

An elaborate and comprehensive arsenal of Delay and Echo effects (up to 5.5 seconds) can be found in the MPX 500. Programs supporting rhythmic Tap Tempo or MIDI clock control include mono, stereo, dual, cross-tapped, ducking, ping-pong and other time-based delay and tape echo effects.

Tremolo offers a variety of shapes (square, sawtooth, triangle, sine and rectified sine). The synchronization of the left and right sweeps can be adjusted to produce mono and stereo effects. As the tremolo rates of several programs are set with Tap Tempo, so it's easy to match the tempo of the music. Other programs let you set right and left channels out-of-phase, for colorful panning effects.

Rotary is a detailed simulation of a Leslie-style cabinet. Like the physical model, the high (horn) and low (drum) frequencies are "spun" in opposite directions. Horn and drum speeds are independent, and are designed with acceleration and deceleration characteristics to simulate the inertia of the original mechanical elements.

Detune provides 1 pair of voices per channel - 1 sharp and 1 flat.

Special FX include Jet Flange, Infinite Delay, Diffusor, Dream Sequence, Echoes: Beats, Stereo Stage, The Abyss and more.

The MPX550 features a digital compressor that acts as a stand-alone control to modulate the level feeding other active effects. It works in front of, and in addition to, other effects. The compressor can be used to subtly reduce volume changes to allow quieter passages in program material to be made louder, or to set limits that prevent volume from exceeding a certain level. The compressor is available in any program, situated in front of any other effects in the wet component signal path. (It has no effect on the dry signal coming out of the Mix control or the Bypass signal when Bypass Mode is set to dry.) If compression is included in a program, the Compressor Effect LED lights. Still, the compressor can be turned on or off via the easy-to-access Compressor button on the front panel, and can be set to Program or Global mode.

Dual Configurations
Dual programs combine either a Delay or a Reverb algorithm with a Flange, a Pitch, a Chorus, or each other. An Effects Balance parameter allows you to control the relative balance of each effect in the combination. Four routing configurations are used in the Dual programs: Dual Stereo (Parallel), Cascade, Mono Split and Dual Mono.

The Programs
240 programs provide an enormous range of effects including Lexicon's lush reverberation algorithms. Whether using a single or dual program, you'll be sure to find just the right effect for your sound. From Single effects such as Concert Hall, Rich Plate, Small Church, Marble Foyer, Vocal Chamber, Fat Space, Flange Deep180, Rotary TapRate, and Pitch PowerInv, to Dual effects like Flange Tap, 4th5th Room, DeepFlange + Delay, and XFeed + Midsize, the MPX 500 offers a tremendous palette of reverb and effects. Finally, there are 30 User storage locations for saving your own customized effects.

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