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Red Sound Federation BPM FX-DJ

170 x gezien 7 x bewaard sinds 21 nov. '16, 09:17
€ 200,00


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€ 6,50


  • Volg zending met Track & Trace
  • Veilig, snel en vertrouwd versturen


Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Multi-effect


Een vrij zeldzaam dj en/of producer effect dat voor het gemak 4 effecten over je bestaande sound kan doen, Delay, Filter/LFO, Panning en Cutter. de mate waarin de verschillende effecten het inkomende geluid beïnvloedde wordt bepaald door de in het midden gepositioneerde joystick. Verder wordt het tempo van de muziek automatisch bepaald en zo zijn de effecten altijd insync met de rest van de muziek.

Eventueel geinteresseerd in ruilvoorstellen met andere (gitaar) effecten, buizenversterkers of elektrische gitaren.

Engelse beschrijving van het web:

Imagine the power of a multi-effects processor that can be triggered in real-time at the tempo of the very music that it is processing. Red Sound's FEDERATION BPM FX features unique BPM analysis circuitry to derive the tempo of the incoming stereo signal and uses this to synchronise up to four different effect modulations in real-time and apply these to the signal as Insert (DJ mode) or Master (Producer mode) effects.

However, the effects do not need to be triggered on just whole beats. The triggering of each effect can be independently set to trigger four times every beat, twice every beat and every other beat with triplet feel settings included. What's more if you don't want a constant repetition, the User setting allows you to create your own patterns in real or step time. The innovative SUPERKILL feature takes re-mixing to new levels with DSP generated stereo phase inversion.


Filter Out The Unnecessary The FEDERATION lets you get at the heart of your music, using a powerful analogue-modelling filter to refine the sound and remove any unwanted elements in real-time. Hone in on a specific element or remove unnecessary frequencies. Accentuate the filter effect with Resonance for that genuine 'acid' sound and set the strength of the synchronised LFO filter sweeps with Envelope Mod amount.

In a Whirl This effect can be used as an alternative to the Filter, giving you a different and potentially radical way to sweep through the frequencies in time with the tempo. The Flanging effect's name was derived from the way it was first produced back in the sixties, by manually slowing a tape spool (touching the sides or 'flanges' of the spool) on a delay tape machine. This produced the classic 'whooshing' sound, which has been reproduced digitally with a greater degree of reliability and flexibility in the FEDERATION.

Cut To The Quick The third of the FEDERATION's five effects gives you complete control of the overall volume level of the signal. The BPM trigger can be set to a square shape (giving a 'gated' effect), or a variable rising (fading in for a 'backwards' effect) or falling (fast attack) ramp wave. A depth control lets you make it as subtle or obvious as you want.

Delay the Inevitable Don't waste time fine-tuning delay times to fit with your track. FEDERATION's delay section automatically sets the delay repeats to be exactly in time with the BPM, leaving you free to vary the repro quality from crystal clear digital through vintage tape all the way to total grunge. The speed control models the performance of a vintage motor driven tape echo machine, smoothly changing the pitch and rate of the delayed signal without a digital glitch.

Pan-Demonium Another major 'first' from RED Sound, our Spacial Panning System (SPS) goes way beyond normal auto-panners. Apart from being able to move the pan position of the entire system, FEDERATION can divide the signal into multiple frequency bands (high, mid and low) and move their pan positions independently creating vivid three-dimensional movements within the audio. This new effect has to be heard to be believed, especially when triggered in time with the track.

To Die For The SUPERKILL section allows you to radically alter audio with or without the main effects in operation. By phase inverting the stereo signal the vocal/instrument levels in the audio are dramatically remixed, revealing hidden elements within the music. You can choose between full FAZED kill, BASS kill or even FAZED + BASS kill which adds bass frequencies back into the FAZED mix to keep the groove going.

Simultaneous Firepower But the real power of the FEDERATION lies in the sum of its individual elements, all the effects triggered at different intervals (if required) by Red Sound's unique patented BPM Engine with the option of SUPERKILL settings as well. Lastly, the ultimate in hands-on performance controls. The FX Mixer joystick adjusts the balance of the active effects in real-time giving you precise control over the mix, creating interactive effects combinations from the most subtle to the really extreme!
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