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Yamaha Clavinova CLP 240 // zwarte lak

762 x gezien 9 x bewaard sinds 05 sep. '16, 14:58
€ 800,00




Conditie : Gebruikt
Aantal toetsen : 88 toetsen
Merk : Yamaha
Eigenschappen : Aanslaggevoelig, Met standaard


  • Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard for true grand piano feel
  • 3-level Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling
  • Dynamic Damper Effect (DDE)
  • 64-note polyphony (max.)

The CLP-240 utilizes 3-level Dynamic Stereo Sampling in its AWM piano voices, for a remarkably realistic, richly expressive piano sound. The 2-way built-in speaker system delivers powerful, dynamic sound throughout the entire sonic range. The instrument also has a sophisticated Dynamic Damper Effect that recreates the subtle resonances heard when using the damper pedal on an actual grand piano, and uses Stereo Sustain and Key-Off samples to deliver a degree of realism and expression rarely found in a digital piano. The USB terminals let you take full advantage of the powerful possibilities in computer music.
Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) Keyboard
Just as on an actual grand piano, the lower keys are heavy in touch and the higher keys are light, with all the natural gradations in between. This technology also provides performance functions and expressive power found only on grand pianos, such as having repeated plays of the same note perfectly articulated, even when playing at high speed or with partial key release.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling
The AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) is a sampling system which creates sound close to that of an acoustic instrument by using digital technology to record the instrument sound and applying high-quality digital filter technology to the recorded audio samples. The waveform of the sound created by playing the key of an acoustic piano differs depending on the playing strength from pianissimo to fortissimo. The AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling can produce such dynamic nuances by recording samples of various playing strengths. The greater the number of samples used, the higher the expressive quality and potential becomes.

Selection of Voices
Choose from a large selection of other stereo-sampled musical instrument sounds to perform with. These sounds provide added realism for more music playing enjoyment.

Dynamic Damper Effect (DDE)
The DDE lets you hear a simulation of the sustain sound of the damper pedal on a grand piano, as you press the damper pedal and play the keyboard. This effect is applied to the entire sound of the instrument.

64-note Polyphony (max.)

Conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes during fast, dense legato passages: sustained notes are cut off as the instrument "steals" notes to make room for new notes. A maximum of up to 64-note can be played at once.

Newly Designed Built-in Speaker Systems
This CLP features a new 2-way system for a richer, better-defined midrange, which is critical in the reproduction of the acoustic grand piano sound.

Insert a USB flash memory in the USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument. It would let you save or load the registered settings and user songs created on the instrument, as well as read data from the connected device.
USB TO HOST Terminal
Dive in and take advantage of the wide world of computer music software. Connections and setup are exceptionally easy, and you can play back your computer recorded parts with different instrument sounds - all from a single instrument.
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