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Ketron sd2 z.g.a.n.

263 x gezien 6 x bewaard sinds 01 nov. '16, 07:09
€ 175,00


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Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Merk : Overige merken
Eigenschappen : Aanslaggevoelig, Midi-aansluiting


Ketron sd2 zo goed als nieuw!!! 
Op internet is hierover genoeg te vinden

DRAWBARS SECTION The sound generation of SD 2 also avails of a section of digital Drawbars, inspired by the sounds of electro-magnetic organs: 16,8, 51/3, 4, 22/3, 2, 13/5, 1. Percussion 4 and 22/3 The Drawbars can play on any midi channel (and also on a number of midi channels simultaneously). Using the environment created especially for the Logic ®  you can play all the digital Drawbars, thanks to the virtual sliders reproduced in this environment. Heres how the editor created on Logic® appears: If, on the other hand, you do not use this environment, you can pull-up the various Drawbars by sending the relative controllers to the SD 2 unit, which are described in the section entitled Midi Implementation. Example: Drawbar 16 is obtained by sending the following controller string to the SD 2 unit: Bank 67, Program Change 0, Controller 20 (with value 0/127 relative to the volume of the actual drawbar) . In the section of the Midi Implementation functions, you will also find all the information necessary to be able to modify the Drawbars and their relative applicable effects (Rotary, Chorus, Reverb etc.). STEREO GRAND PIANO The SD 2 unit has a professional Grand Piano Stereo sound over 88 notes (pre-arranged as the default sound when you turn the instrument on in Progr. Change 01). The availability of a Grand Piano sound of such quality proves extremely useful when the instrument is connected to a Master Keyboard. OTHER FEATURES For those of you who have already worked with multi-timbre sound modules, you will already know that the DSPs (effects and sound post-treatment) are integral part of these systems, which are used via the various controllers and/or Sys Exclusive. However, you will be interested to know that together with the typical sections of Reverb, Chorus and Delay, you will also find other DSP effects, such as: Rotor (for digital Drawbars with Rate, Acceleration, Depth and Type controls) Wha Wha (Amount. This controls the intensity of the Wha effect on the track) Bass Boost (Gain, Frequency. Bass boosting device) Distortion (Type, Resonance, Tone ) The Master Control section also envisages the following controls: Tune: This controls the general tune of the module (Data Value) Arabic Scale: This controls the intervals for the Arabic scale (Data Value) Global Transposer: Global transposition of the instrument ( Data Value )
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