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Casio MT-800

181 x gezien 6 x bewaard sinds 16 nov. '16, 14:30
€ 45,00


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Aantal toetsen : 49 toetsen
Merk : Casio


In draagkoffertje met losse luidsprekers.

Collectors item.

The MT-800 contains a very complex analogue hardware with stacked large PCBs that resembles much the Casio CT-410V

49 midsize keys

  • stereo with separate attachable speakers (of reasonable quality)
  • main voice polyphony 8 notes
  • 12 semi- OBS preset rhythms {rock, disco, swing 2 beat, samba, tango, slow rock | 16 beat, march, swing 4 beat, bossanova, beguine, waltz} selected by locking buttons + select button.
  • 12 semi- OBS preset sounds {piano, harpsichord, elec. guitar, pipe organ, trumpet, flute | elec. piano, celesta, funny, violin, clarinet, synth. flute} selected by locking buttons + select button.
  • separate sliders for main, rhythm and chord volume
  • tempo slider
  • "casio chord" switch {off, fingered, on}
  • rhythm "intro/ fill-in" and synchro buttons
  • sustain switch
  • button for "stereo chorus" rotary speaker/ leslie simulator (based on a combination of panning and pitch shifting)
  • sequencer (550 note steps + 120 chord steps, but only monophonic main voice + standard chords, no edit)
  • "one key chord" button (to step through a chord sequence in sequencer)
  • "melody guide" keyboard play training feature with key lighting (31 red& green LEDs above the keys)
  • ROM- Pack music cartridge slot for melody guide and "auto play" (jukebox mode)
  • complex multi- chip hardware:
  • accompaniment CPU= "NEC D930G 017, 8334XK" (80 pins SMD) which produces different multipulse squarewave tones (partly with capacitor envelope) and trigger pulses for external analogue drums.
  • main voice sound IC= "NEC D931C 011, 8329K6" (42 pin DIL) with timbres based on 2 mixed multipulse squarewave tones with different digital envelopes, those are differently low pass filtered through capacitors.
  • IC "HN61364P, 3G1, C61" (28 pin DIL)
  • analogue percussion {base, snare, open cymbal, close cymbal, low tom, high tom, woodblock} which apparently uses no transistor noise. The cymbal timbre sounds half- way metallic and resembles the one of Yamaha PS-2, thus it may be mixed from 2 shift register feedback noises.
  • tuning & microphone level knobs
  • auto power off

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