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Theater Technisch Lab Spring V2 Lichtmixer 24/48 mengpaneel

97 x gezien 4 x bewaard sinds 10 nov. '16, 14:45
€ 225,00


Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Licht
Eigenschappen : Geluidgestuurd, Kleur, Stroboscoopeffect


Aangeboden wegens overbodig geworden en opruimen Theater Technisch Lab Spring V2 Lichtmixer 24/48. In goed werkende staat, afgelopen week nog gebruikt door festival. Tevens ook nog 2 zero88 dimmers aangeboden, zie andere advertenties.


The Spring is a memory lighting control desk deliverable in two versions: Spring24, which can control 24/48 channels.
The beauty of this design is the easy switch between manual play, memory play and editing channel levels. In case of handling 24 channels you have at your disposal two fader banks of 24 faders each for making hardware presets. 
The Spring generates a full speed DMX512 output with remarkable soft patch facilities. 24/72 control channels can be patched to 512 DMX-channels. Each patch can be set proportional from 0 till 100%. Reverse patching; each DMX-channel can be patched to a control channel with the possibility to check the load of a DMX-channel.
The Spring has a split up crossfader and a master fader. Each channel has a level led and a push button. These buttons are channel pointers for: level flash, level view/preview and DMX soft patch.
You can store 768 presets in memory. You can fade in these presets with the crossfader or with a GO-button action in a programmable fade-in, delay-in, fade-out and delay-out time. You can stop an auto-fade, overrule it manually or cancel it.
The Spring has a small but sophisticated LOOP/chase section: you can add 3 pre-programmed chases or user-defined loops to the present scene. The user-defined loops consist of scenes. These scenes follow each other by crossfade in the programmed fade- and delay times. You get a stepped chase by giving the rhythm with a TEMPO button.
You can change the memory-list by deleting a memory or by changing the sequence. Just because memories have names rather then numbers there is no limitation for inserting memories (except of course the total memory capacity).
For backup you can use a USB memory stick.
Like our other control desks Spring has several possibilities for remote control: external GO-button, preset controller and MIDI.

Features:*24 channels, two fader banks
  • Optional: VGA output
  • 768 scene memories / 3 loops
  • Inputs: DMX512, MIDI, remote preset control, external Go-button
  • Outputs: DMX512
  • Channel flash and subMASTER flash
  • Output level indication by led and in percents on led display
  • Auto cross fade with programmable fade-in/fade-out times and delay-in /delay-out times
  • Programmable autofollow and linked fade
  • Channel pairing for 16bits fades (moving lights)
  • Controlcurve separate for each control channel: NON-dim, linear, S-curve, trafo12V, NON-fade
  • Advanced softpatch possibilities, a.o. proportional patch
  • Lock possibilitiy of user interface with pin-code

Scherpe prijs in combinatie met dimmers uit andere advertentie.
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