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Yamaha EMX-640

341 x gezien 3 x bewaard sinds 16 okt. '16, 17:39
€ 200,00


Ophalen of Verzenden


€ 14,90


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Aantal kanalen : 5 tot 10 kanalen
Eigenschappen : Microfooningang


Yamaha emx640  power mixer / versterker (pa) 6 kanaals mixer.

Versterker 200w + 200w ( 400w in bridge schakeling ) is bruikbaar voor  b.v. Een zanginstallatie , maar ook als pa systeem voor kleinere zalen .

Is technisch als optisch in zeer goede staat.

Met handleiding.

Gewicht: 15kg.

Kan verzekerd verstuurd worden, maar afhalen heeft de voorkeur !

Info van site Yamaha:
This is a System, Not Pieces
If you've never had a sound system, you want simplicity, all the components you need working flawlessly with an absolute minimum of work on your part. The EMX640 is a total system composed of four pieces: a high quality mixer, a digital reverb, two graphic equalizers and a high powered two-channel amplifier. Yamaha has already patched and level matched all these pieces so you can get your PA up and running quickly with no prior experience.

Enough Inputs!!??!!
In the most extravagant use of your PA system, how many microphones will you use? Will you have a keyboard (which requires two inputs for stereo)? Will you plug in external music sources like a CD or cassette? You need a system that can accept all your inputs. The EMX640 has six inputs, two of which are stereo, effectively giving you eight. Plus, the EMX640 has tape in and effects return inputs, giving you the equivalent of 10.

The EMX640 has the most powerful amplifier (it has two) of any mixer in its price range. These amplifiers use Yamaha's patented 12184 PCT EEEngine technology , providing lighter weight and, equally important, cooler operation. If you will use the system for speaking and vocals only, the EMX640 has plenty of power for large gatherings. If you play music, the EMX640 gives you maximum flexibility to cover the audience, including the ability to route all the power from both amplifiers to one set of speakers.

Digital Reverb
A reverb makes you music sound like it's in a larger space, giving it a more expansive feel. Digital reverbs create the most convincing realism and optimum quality; the professional audio community pays hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the best digital processors. The EMX640 includes a digital reverb, while most PA systems in its price range use a spring reverb which relies on old technology that simply can't reproduce the life-like performance of digital units.

Two Equalizers
The EMX640 has two graphic equalizers, one for your monitor speakers and the other for the audience speakers. Graphic EQs allow you to precisely tailor the sound and to drastically reduce the possibility of feedback.

The PA that Grows with You
The EMX640 has all the patching necessary to connect you to more amplifiers or to accept more inputs via another mixer!

Maybe you haven't thought about it, but someday you may want to put your sound on tape. The EMX640 has the connections to make it happen; with its RCA jacks, the EMX640 lets you plug directly into a standard tape recorder without any adapters.

Lo-Z and Hi-Z Input Jacks
The Lo-Z input jacks allow for direct connection of microphones with Pro-style XLR Connectors, while the Hi-Z input jacks enable the direct connection of high level sources (items that have internal amplification) like keyboards, drum machines and CD players.

Pad Switches
Decrease the input sensitivity for extra loud sources, such as screaming singers, shouting speakers or simply, high-output microphones.

Control Switches
The Level Controls manage the input volume. The Effect Level Controls adjust the amount of signal sent to the effect section of the mixer. And the Monitor Level controls the volume sent to the monitor screen.

Channel EQ Section
The Channel EQ section includes controls that adjust the equalization of each separate input. They allow you to tailor the sound of each input separately, enabling you to bring out sounds from each of the inputs that might not be easily heard in the overall mix.

Digital Effect
Provides a high quality DSP effect that's applied to the main output.

Effect Out
The Effect Out adjusts the amount of signal sent to the internal (or an external) effects device.

Monitor Controls
The Monitor Graphic EQ customizes the sound for the monitor output and reduces the chance for howling feedback. The Monitor Master Level adjusts the output of the monitor section. An LED meter indicates the level. The Monitor Effect Return controls the amount of effect sent to the monitors. This useful control allows the performers to enjoy the benefits of the reverb as well as the audience.

Phantom Power
The Phantom Power switch activates phantom power in the Lo-Z inputs. Phantom power is used for condenser microphones which have small internal amplifiers that require power in order to produce sound.

Main Graphic EQ
The Main Graphic EQ customizes sound for the main audience output.

Limiter LEDs
Limiter LEDs indicate when the internal amplifiers are being overworked. This warning signal will help you prevent damage to the amplifiers and your speakers.

Amplifier Routing Switches
These switches re-route the signal to allow double the power to the main outputs. You could then hook up an additional amplifier for monitors. The last position allows both amplifiers to be hooked up in "bridge" mode, sending 400 watts to one speaker.

Main Master Level
The Main Master Level adjusts the output of the main section. An LED meter indicates the level.

Output Jacks
Monitor Out jack connects an external amplifier when additional monitors are required. Main Output permits you to hook into an existing sound system with its own amplifiers and speakers. This also lets you use it as a submixer for a larger system; the EMX640 will stay useful even as your needs grow. REC Out jack connects the EMX640 to a cassette tape deck or other recorder. The output of this jack is optimized for recording applications.

Input Jacks
TAPE IN jack accepts a tape player or CD player output and sends them directly to the main output. This feature allows you to keep all six normal inputs available for other sources. The AUX IN brings the output of another mixer into the EMX640 (i.e. a keyboardist or drummer with their own submixer) without tying up the normal six inputs.

The TAPE IN control handles the volume of the tape in jack source and sends that signal to the main output.

AUX IN Level Control
Controls the volume of any source connected to the AUX IN jack.

The EFFECT RETURN adjusts the amount of effect that is sent to the main output.

Footswitch Jack
The FOOT SW Jack allows the use of a footswitch to mute the effect (this is helpful when you need to quickly turn the reverb on or off).

The EFFECT OUT Jack send a signal to an external effects processor.

Line 1 and 2
The Line 1 and 2 provides a great way to get a stereo input (like a keyboard) into just one input channel. This feature is available on channels 5 and 6, saving you two inputs.

Rear Panel
Power Amp 2 connects the other power amplifier to a speaker. Bridge allows all power from both channels to be sent from one location to one speaker or a series of bridged speakers. Power Amp 1 connects one of the EMX640's power amplifiers to a speaker. Aluminum heat sink cools the critical components of the amplifier effectively without the noise of a fan.

Club Series Speakers
A complete line of speakers that sound great and work perfectly with the EMX640. These speakers have performed in a wide variety of venues and built a reputation for great sound, rugged construction and exceptional value. Some models feature rugged black carpet covering that stands up to the abuse of moving. Some have built in sockets for mounting on tripod stands. And six speakers even offer an oak finish for a fine furniture look.

You can add a subwoofer easily by adding these components: Yamaha P-series Power Amplifier, Yamaha PN90 Crossover and the Yamaha 1264 LNK SW118IV Subwoofer
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