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Riedel RockNet multi set 36/20

462 x gezien 2 x bewaard sinds 15 nov. '16, 11:18
€ 2.999,00


Ophalen of Verzenden


€ 15,00


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Aantal kanalen : 20 kanalen of meer
Eigenschappen : Microfooningang


Te koop als occasion,

Alles in zeer nette staat, nu zeer voordelig als set prijs voor 2999,- euro ex btw incl 3 maanden garantie (3628,79 incl btw)

De set bestaat uit de volgende onderdelen:
2x Riedel Rocknet 100
1x Riedel Rocknet 300
3x Riedel RN341MY

Riedel 341 YM
The RockNet RN.341.MY card fits into a Yamaha MY-card expansion slot and gives access to 16 in- and 16 output channels. A word clock in- and output is available to the host device via the backplane connector and a front panel rotary switch is provided for device identification and selection of up to 15 programmable routing tables. The RN.341.MY makes the respective Yamaha product become a part of the network and enables remote control of the RN.301.MI microphone preamplifiers. The card is compatible with the following Yamaha host devices: 01V, 01V96, AD824, DA824, DIO8, DM1000, DM2000, DME24N, DME32, DME64N, LS9-16, LS9-32, M7CL, PM5D.

The network interface incorporates proprietary core technologies.

Lateral ultra-low latency asynchronous transmission enables RockNet to support various redundant network topologies and to provide real-time, isochronous data transport in conjunction with packetized data such as TCP/IP.

The data rate is 400 MBits/s on a CAT5 cable and the number of nodes is infinite, though limited to 99 for practical reason.

Concrete clock recovery and jitter rejection utilizes a unique digital PLL structure. Jitter magnitude, spectrum and probability distribution are de-randomized by a sophisticated digital modulation scheme, resulting in an extremely high jitter rejection and zero jitter build-up through the network.

Two Ethercon¨ RJ45 network connectors link to an upstream and a downstream neighbor in a redundant ring topology. These two connectors can also be used to provide a parallel link in case of point-to-point or star network scenarios.

CONTROL SECTION The RN.341.MY card fits into a single MY card expansion slot of various Yamaha products and gives access to 16 in- and 16 output channels. A word clock in- and output is available to the host product via the backplane connector. By using the RN.341.MY the respective Yamaha product becomes a part of the RockNet network.

The CAT5 connection between each RockNet device reduces the requirements for large & cumbersome wiring and harness.

CAT5 cable lengths of up to 150 m (550ft) are possible between devices

RockNet 300
RochNet 300 is a versatile digital audio network solution for live sound applications providing up to 160 channels and 96 kHz / 48 bit.

RockNet is a real-time, low latency audio distribution network tailored to tour and installed sound applications. RockNet provides a universal solution to almost any imaginable audio distribution challenge and behaves very much like a traditional analog split system. It conveys up to 160 24 bit/48 kHz audio channels counter- rotating on a single CAT5 cable. RockNet products are designed for heavy-duty road use. Their ruggedized steel enclosures resemble the look and feel of a modular stagebox. All devices feature locking IEC connectors for the redundant power supplies. All other connectors are entirely gold-plated and the circuit design is streamlined for ultra low noise and minimum distortion to meet the highest demands in audio quality.

RockNet is a genuine audio network platform designed purposely for live sound applications. It is a cost-e ective, integrated networking product invented, designed, and optimized for audio contribution and distribution. RockNet provides ultra low latency and very high audio quality. It is an integrated system that does not require any third party products. Only two types of cables are necessary to hook up a network: microphone cable with XLR (male/female) and CAT5 with RJ45 (Ethercon®). RockNet devices do not require breakout panels or any special cables and connectors. Up to 99 devices can be easily added to the network. All devices can be con gured intuitively by front panel push buttons. No particular IT or computer networking know-how is needed to set up and operate RockNet. Even a system check can be performed within a few seconds at each device even without using a computer.

RockNet incorporates a streamlined redundancy concept on the device and network levels. The network interface of each device features two interconnections for fail-safe transmission of audio signals on CAT5 infrastructure. Based on a redundant ring topology, RockNet forms a self-healing network with no loss of audio in case of a connection fault between two devices. All devices feature dual power supplies with locking IEC connectors.

160 channels
Up to 99 devices in one network
CAT-5 redundant network interface
Independent Gain
Front panel operation
Redundant power supplies (RockNet 300 only)
48kHz or 96kHz sample rate (96 kHz RockNet 300 only)
Status indicators (LEDs)
Remote Control

RockNet 100
RockNet 100 is the cost effective solution to enter the world of RockNet digital audio networks. Based on the renowned RockNet 300 technology, RockNet 100 provides the same digital audio quality and ease of use with a reduced number of 80 channels. Of course all RockNet 100 devices are compatible with the RockNet 300 series.

RockNet 100s rugged steel enclosure is made for heavy-duty road use and o ers the distinct advantage of magnetic shielding. All connectors are gold plated. The circuit design is streamlined to ultra low noise and minimum distortion to meet the highest demands in audio quality.

The RN.101.IO provides 16 microphone/line input and 8 line output channels on XLR connectors, while the RN.102.IO provides 8 microphone/line inputs and 16 line outputs.

The circuit design is optimized to maximize audio quality. The mic pre-amps are similar to the highly acclaimed 300 series pre-amps and the converters are characterized by high definition and wide dynamic range based on proprietary technology.

Cost-effective digital snake/audio network solution
80 channels via locking EtherCon RJ45 cables
Network redundancy
Simple user interface no computer required
Remote control
Superb audio quality

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