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Roland XP-80

821 x gezien 24 x bewaard sinds 01 dec. '16, 21:07
€ 450,00


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Aantal toetsen : 76 toetsen
Merk : Roland
Eigenschappen : Met midi-aansluiting, Met standaard


Roland XP-80. Echt heel weinig gebruikt.

Hieronder specs.
Voor meer info even berichtje graag



76 keys
Semi-weighted (synth-action)
Key-on velocity sensitive
Key-off velocity sensitive
Channel Aftertouch sensitive
64 voices (each patch can utilize as many as 4 voices per note)
16 part multi-timbral (part 10 reserved for rhythm only).
Effects Processors
1 "EFX" processor (40 "insert" effects)
1 Chorus processor
1 Reverb/Delay processor (8 reverb/delay types)
4 ROM expansion slots (uses Roland's SR-JV80-xx expansion boards. 19 are currently in existence).
Compatible with GM (General MIDI).
NOTE: Only has 2 GM drum kits and lacks the other 6 standard kits).
Preset Patches
512 (4 banks of 128 patches)
Preset Performances (multi-timbral sets)
64 (2 banks of 32 performances)
Preset Rhythm kits
8 (4 banks of 2 kits)
User Patches
128 (1 bank of 128 patches)
User Performances (multi-timbral sets)
32 (1 bank of 32 performances)
User Rhythm kits
2 (1 bank of 2 kits)
Floppy Disk Drive
1 drive compatible with DOS formatted 2DD (720 k) and 2HD (1440 k) 3.5 inch floppies.
99 song files maximum on disk
Recognized file types:
MRC Pro (.SVQ) songs
MIDI (type 0, .MID) songs
MIDI (type 1, .MID) songs
S-MRC (from MC sequencer series) songs
XP data storage file (.SVD)
XP Chain-Play file (.SVC)
XP Groove Template file (.SVT)
XP disk song list file (invisible .SV)
Sequencer Capacity
1 song
470 k of RAM for music data (approximately 60,000 notes)
272 k of RAM for System Exclusive data
9998 measure maximum song length
Sequencer Section
16 phrase tracks
1 pattern track (100 patterns maximum)
1 tempo track
1 beat track
16 channels (can be assigned to any track/s)
96 PPQN (Parts Per Quarter Note) resolution
Real-time and step recording modes
64 simultaneous input notes in real-time record mode
64 simultaneous output notes
10-250 BPM tempo range
5-500 BPM tempo range when playback tempo is used
Grid Quantize
Shuffle Quantize
Groove Quantize (with 71 preset and 16 user groove templates)
Grid Record Quantize
Shuffle Record Quantize
"Quick Play" feature allowing direct "streaming" song playback from floppy
"Chain Play" feature allowing sequential "streaming" song playback directly from floppy. Chain Play sequences can be saved.
Arpeggiator (with 33 preset styles)
RPS (Real-time Phrase Sequencing) feature allows assignment of any multi-timbral pattern track to any keyboard key
Sound Section
4 tones (voices) per patch
2 LFOs per tone (LFOs can control pitch, filter cutoff frequency, tone level, and tone pan position)
1 filter per tone. Choice of LPF, HPF, BPF, or Peaking filter, all with adjustable resonance. 1 filter cutoff frequency ADDSR envelope per tone
1 level ADDSR envelope per tone
1 pitch ADDSR envelope per tone
7 velocity curve choices per envelope per tone
2 system sliders (assignable)
1 spring-loaded pitch/modulation joystick (left-right for pitch bend, forward-backward for modulation), can be manually calibrated
4 dedicated "Sound Palette" sliders for controlling patch timbre (can also be used for controlling selected MIDI CCs (Continuous Controllers) in Performance mode).
4 control pedal inputs, reversible polarity
1 hold pedal input, reversible polarity
1 PHONES (stereo 1/4 inch phono jack)
1 set of MIX jacks (L/MONO, R, both mono 1/4 inch phono jacks, L acts as mono if nothing is plugged into the R jack)
1 set of DIRECT jacks (no effects processors, L/MONO, R, both mono 1/4 inch phono jacks, L acts as mono if nothing is plugged into the R jack)
1 CLICK OUT (sequencer metronome) with dedicated level trim-pot control next to it, mono 1/4 inch phono jack)
3 MIDI jacks (standard DIN-5, 1 IN, 1 OUT, 1 THRU)
1 HOLD pedal jack (mono 1/4 inch phono jack)
4 CONTROL PEDAL jacks (mono 1/4 inch phono jacks)
320 by 80 pixel backlight LCD screen
12.9 kg (28 lb, 8 oz)
Power Consumption
20 W (at 117 V AC, US model)
20 W (at 230 V AC, non-US model)
20 W (at 240 V AC, non-US model)
1238 (W) x 349 (D) x 107 (H) mm
48-3/4 (W) x 13-3/4 (D) x 4-1/4 (H) inches
Included Accessories
XP-80 Quick Start guide
XP-80 Owner's Manual
XP-80 Music Workstation Demonstration disk
XP-50/80 Dance Kit disk
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