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Kapsch TS3290/00A On-Board-Unit

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Kapsch TS3290/00A On-Board-Unit

The Kapsch OBU (on-board unit) TS3290/00A is the in-vehicle part of the Kapsch Satellite Tolling System which facilitates the implementation of road user charging schemes based on geographical positions obtained from a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

The OBU makes use of the latest GNSS and GSM technologies which are combined into one compact unit that also contains a DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) interface according to the CEN TC278 DSRC standards. The TS3290/00A is in line with the EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) directive and it supports regional and multinational interoperability schemes. The TS3290/00A supports both on-board as well as central system based detection of charging events. The OBU includes functionality to automatically adopt its behaviour depending on its location (geo-object functionality). This includes features like position acquisition / reporting and detection of charge objects. This flexible location dependent OBU configuration enables multiple toll domain capabilities. The set-up of the OBU functionality and the definition of geoobjects can be managed remotely. The implementation of the latest GNSS technology provides high accuracy and availability in even the toughest conditions such as urban canyons. It also provides advanced TTFF (Time To First Fix) reducing functionality. The OBU is designed to fulfil the high security requirements that are applicable for high volume interoperable payment systems such as multinational truck tolling schemes. This includes features like data encryption, authentication, cryptographic access control and tamper detection. Installation and activation of the OBU can be performed by the user in a matter of minutes. The OBU is attached to the windscreen with an adhesive and connected to the vehicle power system with a cigarette lighter connector. It is also possible to make a fix connection to the vehicle power system. In-vehicle ITS devices may be connected to the OBU via the USB interface. The OBU can provide location information to this device as well as exchange data between the in-vehicle ITS device and an ITS back end system. The OBU comprises a Man-Machine Interface for configuration and supervision of the unit.

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