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LED GROW LIGHT - X-Max8 V4- 700 watt , 750 EURO

127 x gezien 1 x bewaard sinds 14 nov. '16, 16:00
€ 750,00


Conditie : Nieuw


Nieuwe led lamp zeer krachtig nu in de aanbieding van 1392 euro voor 750 euro

bij belangstelling graag even bellen.

Real power:
700 Watt
LED power: 1200 Watt
Ideal surface area for growing: 140 x 100cm
Ideal surface area for flowering: 120 x 90cm
UV: 410nm
Blue: 430 en 460nm
Red: 630 en 660nm
Infra red: 740nm
White: 2700K
White: 10000K
Warranty: 2 year

X-MAX8 V4 LED Grow Light
Led technology has developed at a rapid pace over the last few years what has resulted in this state of the art grow light.This energy saving French design grow light is suitable for all phases of plant growth.
With three buttons you can easily adjust the spectrum and light intensity of the light. Depending on the growing stage or needs of your plants you can add blue white or red light to the spectrum. Therefore you can use the same grow light for clones,growing and flowering.
Regularly replacing expensive HPS lights is a thing of the past. Due to the low heat generated from the light you will not need to use heavy ventilation fans and carbon filters,thus saving money on equipment and energy costs.
The X-Max series is composed out of 90 watt COB Leds and 5 watt double chips leds. COB (chips on board) stands for the grouping of a number of led modules on a small surface. With this technique a very strong concentrated light is created that can penetrate deep into the plant foliage. The COB of the X-Max lights consists of 30 x 3 watt chips,together they create a lightstream with a high intensity. The 5 watt double chip LEDS ensure that you get a complete homogeneous spectrum.
The V4 version is equiped with mini reflectors and create a more homogeneous light. Due to the reflectors the light is spread over a larger angle and over a bigger surface. Therefore the V4 can be hung closer to your plants. This makes it suitable for growing where you have height limits in your growing space.
Every light is extensively tested for durability and productivity.
Directions max surface (full power) XMAX 4 V4
Clones: 1,9×1,5m at 80 cm height
Vegetative: 1,5×1,2m at 60 cm height
Flowering: 1,4×1,2m at 40 cm height
What spectrum for which phase?-The first dimmer controls white and infra red leds, ideal for germinating seeds and rooting of clones.
-The second dimmer controls blue and white leds. Run the blue and white leds during the vegetative stage.
-The third dimmer controls the red component. This should be run during the flowering stage.
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