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Van der Stadt Excalibur 36 uit 1963 RORC

13687 x gezien 91 x bewaard sinds 27 nov. '15, 18:39
€ 32.500,00


Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Tour-wedstrijdjacht
Materiaal : Polyester
Lengte : 9 tot 12 meter


Re-fit en restauratieproject in ver gevorderde staat van zijn. Hier de spec-sheet in het Engels:

Boat name:

- Shipyard: Tyler Boat Co. (UK)
- Designer: 'Ricus' E.G. van der Stadt 1962
- Year built: 1963
- Hull material: Glass Fibre
- Hull Type: Long Fin w/spade rudder
- Rig Type: Masthead Sloop with Double Spreaders
- Construction: According to Lloyd's Class 100 A1

Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

EUR 30000,- (Tax paid, papers available)

- Length over all 36 ft (10.98 meter)
- Beam: 10 ft (3.05 meter)
- Draft: 5 ft 9 in (1.80 meter)
- Lengths Water Line: 26 ft 9 in (8.2 meter)
- Displacement including ballast: approx. 8360 kg
- Ballast: Lead 2832 kg , completely encapsulated inside hull moulding and devided in 5 compartments along the long foot and front edge of the keel, Extra weight: 2 AGM batteries positioned within lowest point of the keel, which brings the total ballast to 2.926 kg
- Ballast to weight ratio: 35 %
- Sail area: approx. 68 square meters

General Information:

The Excalibur was the larger polyester sistership of the famous Pionier. Despite being designed primarily as a long-distance cruiser by 'Ricus' E.G. Van der Stadt in 1962, the Excalibur also enjoyed a succesful racing career, winning the RORC Class II Championships in 1963, 1964 and 1965. Excaliburs are noted to be good in any condition, not specifically in one or a few. They are light and positive on the helm, even in heavy following seas and strong wind conditions, squirting downwind to beating close hauled. Moulded by the Tyler Boat Co. Ltd in Tonbridge under Lloyd's 100 A1 supervision, this GRP design proved to be immensely strong, and particularly harmonious in shape and interior lay out.

Owners Comments:

I bought 'Braveheart' in the winter of 2011/ 2012, and as I realy started working on her in the summer of 2013, I soon came to the conclusion that I best restore her and re-fit her completely to my own standards, influenced by some modern knowledge and technologies. And of course the work took a lot longer than expected.
Today I have come a long way. She now sails with all new deck gear, mast and rigging, Crusader Sails "Hydranet" Sails, as good as new 30HP Yanmar engine with low hours etc. etc., and I have planned to finish her interior by spring 2016.
The goal was to completely fit her out to be Safe, Fast, Comfortable, yet Simple and Practical in lay out and fittings in order to succesfully sail around the world via the capes. And in fact I have almost everything available and/ or in place to do so.... like the famous and fine engineered SAILOMAT 3040-M self steering system. But 'life is what happens to you while you are planning for other things'. And due to my family circumstances and the purchase of a charter sail yacht, we opted to offer her for sale.
So the state 'Braveheart' is in now is an advanced, but unfinished state! The new interior is already mostly pre-fabricated by a ships carpenter yet needs to still be put together in the main cabin, galley area and chart table. So therefore the price is set low accordingly, so someone can take over the helm and finish her to his or her own wishes. I am able to help with that, if so desired, as I have plenty of experience in the yacht building industry, some project leading, and of course know 'Braveheart' in and out!

Hull, decking and superstructure are made of GRP with a encapsulated lead ballast keel. The whole moulded as one piece without keel bolts etc.. By todays standards Excalibur is over-built and osmoses is hardly ever noticed on Excaliburs!

Accomodation and Domestic Equipment:
- Accomodation sleeps up to 5 in 2 cabins.
- Fixed 'Camel Back' Companionway leads down to cabin space.
- Cabin has chart table and instruments to Starboard
- Stowable large teak table is positioned between the two benches/ berths.
- Between main bulkhead and fore cabin there is a seperate 'Wett cell'/ toilet compartment to Port with drainage to the most aft, seperate and deepest compartment of the keel where the bilge pumps can do their work best.
- Coming aft portside is the galley with a gimballed Classic Design 2 burner Alcohol Cooker (Origo ForTwo).
- The New Galley is L-shaped with New Oval shaped Stainless Steel sink and Classic Brass hand operated drinking water pump 'Fynspray', and a sea water tap operated by the foot.
- New: Valor 'Willow' Cast Iron Heater/Stove incl. Stainless steel tradtionally H-shaped chimney. It can produce up to 4 Kw and has a cooking plate on top. The 'Willow' stove is sold seperately.
- Also available is an Eberspracher diesel powered heater which can produce 5KW heating. The heater functions but needs a new regulator!

- A mix of marine grade plywood, Teak and Mahogany.

Rig Spars and Sails:
- Mast is a New (2014) deck stepped John Mast BP121 with very high x and y moment of inertia and double spreaders, length: 13.580 meters (length according to original drawings 13.100 meters).
- New Sparcraft Boom with a length of 4995mm fitted with a new 16 to 1 Hye Offshore block vang reduction system, operated from the cockpit.
- New heavy duty 6 to 1 Hye main sheet reduction system.
- Standing Rigging: New: Cap shrouds 8mm 1x19, D2's are 6mm 1x19 and Baby Stay at 7mm 1x19. Includes detachable 8mm 1x19 Cutter Stay (Wichard Pelican Hook Rachet tentioner), 7x New 1/2inch classic design Bronze turnbuckles.
- Running Rigging: New Dyneema Classic running backstays, with 2 to 1 reduction.
- Halyards and working lines: All New - a mix of colored Dyneema core 8 mm halyards and 12 mm FSE-Robline Double Braided Classic for Outhaul, Cunningham, Kicker strap, Genoa sheets and Main sheet.
- Fastening material: All A4/ 316 Stainless Steel Quality and Monel Rivets.
- New! Crusader Sails: 2015 Fully battened Performance Cruising Mainsail made of a combination of Dacron for durability and Dyneema for it's shape rigid characteristics.
- New! Crusader Sails: 2016 Performance Cruising 105% Genoa 3 made of a combination of Dacron for durability and Dyneema for it's shape rigid characteristics.
- New United Baltic Sails: 2010 Storm Jib Heavy Duty Dacron sail cloth (never used).
- North Sails: Genoa 3 Dacron (old sail, age unknown).
- Boomcover and a New stainless steel wind indicator.
(All head sails are hanked)

Deck Equipment and Ground Tackle:
- Winches: All New 2x Anderson Full Stainless 40 Double Speed Self Tailing Winches, All New 2x Anderson Full Stainless 18 Single Speed Mast winches, All New 1x Anderson Full Stainless 10 Standard Reef Winch.
- New: 4 Anderson Winch Handles of 230mm length, 1 Anderson Which Handle of 155mm Length.
- Deck fittings: A combination of A4/ 316 Stainless Steel, Bronze and Aluminium.
- New Lloyd's certified 35 pound MANSON New Zealand plough anchor with lead ballast in the tip of the plough. This anchor is sold seperately.
- New Dutch built 35lbs Classic Bronze plough anchor.
- Used Dutch built 35lbs Classic Bronze plough anchor.
- Used Galvanized 25lbs plough anchor.
- 1x 30 meters 8mm calibrated chain, 1x 20 meter 8mm calibrated chain> Chain Lockers: 2 chain lockers, One New chain locker laminated in point of the bow, the original chain locker is situated approx. 1 meter foreward of the (imaginary) mast step.
- 2 meter Bruynzeel pliewood strip planked classic sailing dinghy. This is sold seperately.
- Classic style cantered Teak cockpit benches overhauled .
- 4 Polyform Fenders As good as new.
- Wood color rubber guard profile all along the gunwale as good as new.
- New: 2x 3 meter aluminium Genoa rails incl. 4 Rutgerson Cars.
- New: wide aluminium traveler for optimum trim capability, fastened to a Teak beam.
- New Stainless Steel staunchions all round.
- Original Bronze stauchion sockets

Mechanical, Electrical and Tankage:
- Yanmar 3YM30 30HP Diesel As good as New (approx. 600 hours).
- New Yanmar Gearbox (Due to engine previously fitted with a hydrolic drive on a small ferry).
- New: 1 Northstar NSB110FT AGM engine battery.
- Max-Prop Classic 14" twin blade feathering propeller.
- also available is a New Max-Prop Classic 14" twin blade. This is sold seperately.
- New inner and outer prop shaft bearings.
- All new exhaust system.
- New Vetus full Stainless Steel throttle lever and accesories.
- Rudder bearing and shaft cleaned and re-greased.
- New 60 Liter Vetus fuel tank positioned amid ships behind the engine under the cockpit floor.
- New: 1 Northstar NSB110FT AGM Batteries (both service and engine batteries are positioned at lowest point within the keel, adding 94 kg at the second lowest point of the keel.
- New: Sterling Power 50 Amp/ hour battery charger.
- 25 liter portable dinking quality water Jerry Can locked within steel framework.
- SAILOMAT Model 3040-M Self steering system. This is sold seperately.

Navigation Communication and Electronics:
- NASA Marine Instruments Clipper Navtex
- NASA AIS Radar
- Garmin GPS72 Handheld
- Electronic Autopilot: Autohelm 1000 Tillersteering
- Simrad 25 Watt VHF
- Navigation light: New mast head Aqua Signal LED Series Q34 Sail + Anchor Light
- Sestral Moore Classic Compass
- New: Simrad Speed and Depth/ Temperature log

- Life raft: Arimar Neptune Elite (Needs servicing)
- 2 New manual bilge pumps: 1 Whale Compac 50 positioned in the side of the cockpit bench, 1 Henderson/Whale MK5, positioned below the chart table
- 2 meter tradionally built wooden sailing dinghy incl. sail, ores, rudder and daggerboard

Specials Features:
- An aerodynamically shaped and nicely designed Dog House is available to fit over the area where the cabin and cockpit join together. Especialy usefull on long voyages!
- I have fitted a large Stainless Steel Horn Bolder with a large base plate for the most secure anchorage, but also for the purpose of being able to be towed in emergency situations at sea. Most yachts lack this strongpoint for towing!
- For the Babystay I laminated a 50x50mm Mahogany beam underdecks to take the forces. It now formes a laying T-shape with the backbone under the foredeck with all ends of the T laminated to the inner hull.
- The detachable Cutter Stay with Wichard Ratchett Tentioner is connected to the bow with a Dyneema line and Hasselfors rigging screw to a Wichard 10mm eye bolt. This eye bolt can also be used to rig a retractable or fixed bowsprit to the outside end of the bolt.
- The chainplates for the Cap Shrouds, D1's and Running Backstays are strengthened with Glasfiber, Aramid/ Carbon Fiber, + SS backing plate.
- The cockpit floor is strengthened with Glas Fiber.
- The washboards where the traveler is bolted and epoxy glued to is strengthened with Aramid/ Carbon Fiber.
- All seacogs have been replaced with Bronze Seacogs.
- The original Cast Bronze Stanchion Sockets are still there and in good shape.
- Hull pimered with Alexseal 161 and painted in Alexseal 'Kingston Grey'
- Deck primered with Alexseal 161 and painted in Alexseal 'Oyster White', with Sand Colored Anti-Skid paint from International.
- There are various Matt Finished Bronze deck fittings, like cleats, cam cleats, fair leads and a chain deck cover.
- For the New deck mounted 3 meter long Genoa Rails I had to construct an underdeck reinforcement. This was achieved with Carbon Fiber UD 50x50mm square cross section profiles from Refitech, laminated and epoxy glued to the heads.
- SAILOMAT Model 3040-M Self Steering Rudder System. This is sold seperately.
- Original free Hanging Spade Rudder.
- Bronze 35lbs plough anchor
- 4x 38mm cockpit drainage outlets (Read Fastnet Race 1979)
- Most of the interior fiber glass has been plastered over with glue based epoxy plaster, therefore not only fairing the inside hull but also adding strength with the least amount of weight increase (Epoxy plaster based on epoxy glue has a much lower specific weight compored to traditional epoxy plaster and is uneffected by contact with water).

Feel free to contact me for any questions and more pictures.

Sincerely, Roman Breevaart-Jansen

Reden verkoop: We hebben een "nieuw" groter schip gekocht waarmee wij gaan charteren. Vandaar dat ons geliefde 'Braveheart', toch wel in de verkoop moet. Ze staat ook te koop bij Messink Yachting Enkhuizen waar ze ook een haar ligplaats heeft

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