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kopergravure optica Sint Pietersplein G Probst 1780

37 x gezien 1 x bewaard sinds 24 jun. '18, 17:13


Handgekleurde kopergravure. OPTICA PRENT
Roma prospectus basilicae et aerae s petri apud vatic aoud vaticanum rome.

Probst, Georg Balthasar ( Augsburg 1673 1748) Prospectus Basilicae et aerae S Petri apud Vatic aoud Vaticanum Rome Veduta della Basilica e Piazza di S. Pietro in Vaticano a Roma Vue de la Basilique et de la place de S. Pierre dans le Vatican à Roma Prospect der Kirche und Plaz St. Petri in Vatiicano zu Rom

Handgekleurde kopergravure. OPTICA PRENT
Titels in het Latijn, Frans, Duits en Italiaans, voorzien van de inscriptie, Georg Balthasar Probst executit A. V Augsburg circa 1780.
32 x 42,5 cm Getekend door G . G . Winckler sculp & Georg Balthasar Probst (Biografische notas in het Engels over Georg Balthasar Probst worden hieronder weergegeven)

Vues doptique are hand-colored etchings and engravings intended to be viewed through a convex lens. The devices, known variously as zograscopes, optiques, optical machines and peepshows, were an optical entertainment of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Like the one shown here, vues doptiques were rendered in high-key color and dramatic linear perspective, which enhanced the illusion of three-dimensionality when viewed through the lens. According to the Getty Research Institute, which owns other such views by Probst, street performers would set up viewing boxes with a series of prints giving a pictorial tour of famous landmarks, dramatic events and foreign lands. Some vues doptique also had parts of the scenes cut out and the openings backed with translucent papers so that when the print was backlit, it appeared as an illuminated night scene. Vue doptiques were often separately issued for sale in various countries. The print offered here is titled in Latin, French, Italian and German, indicating it was intended for sale both within Germany and to the export trade.
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