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Claire Dunphy 3 Originele Kleur Lithografiën " Vrijheid "Ges

27 x gezien 0 x bewaard sinds 03 apr. '18, 17:29
€ 19,00


Claire Dunphy:
" Vrijheid Vormen "  3 Kleur Lithografiën, 1985. Ieder blad is afzonderlijk; gesigneerd, genummerd, oplage 150 exemplaren, hier Nrs 132. Blad grootte: 14 x 15 cm.

On this cool january day, Claire Dunphy was relaxing in her home built into the basement of a century-old grist mill, where the ethereal sound of a white dove sounded from its perch. The voice of the bird seemed almost haunting in the closed arena of this man-made haven. Yet, here, in the abode of an artist, it seemed so natural.

For dunphy, the bird, the animal, the insect and their human brethren are all linked " In the great web of life "  This 70-year-old woman, who has owned an art gallery in Manhattan. Taught art courses in college and traveled the world seeking an audience with people who honor their ancestral ways, has already left her mark in many places, sometimes where few tread. The fact she has left circles of painted rocks anchored at such far apart places as the forests of connecticut and the plains of south dakota to the fields of russia is only a small part of her life. But this artistic endeavor has attracted much attention during her sojourn. These rocks, painted with a blue background, yellow stars and white figures of animals and insects, are found in many locales. A few are painted on single large rocks, but most on smaller rocks that are laid in a circle.
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