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John Gilbert(1966)Giclee Katoenpapier "Yoga Ida" Ges Gen Ged

42 x gezien 1 x bewaard sinds 04 apr. '18, 14:34
€ 39,00


John Gilbert:
(1966). " Yoga Ida " Giclee op katoen-papier, 2013. Gesigneerd, genummerd, gedateerd, oplage: 20 exemplaren. Hier nr 1 van 20. Motief grootte: 50 x 50 cm, blad grootte: 61 x 62 cm.


John Gilbert ( Born. 1966) Was raised in New York . He had an early love of ceramic sculpture which he pursued at skidmore college, with a particular interest in mineral glazes and color interaction. After graduation, became a master custom carpet maker and dyer, with a small factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, creating one-off works for architects and interior designers; he also became an art pubilsher.

His artistic interests developed in a new direction, following the tsunami of 2004, in which several dear friends were lost; a variety of new projects arose, in his studio in Goa, India, focusing on what he calls Bhakti Art. John is influenced by artists such as; marcel duchamp, jonathan borofsky, robert indiana and jean-michel basquiat. ?I make art with everyday objects deeply ingrained in those cultures experienced as i travel. Bhakti (devotion) art is created in india utilizing body stickers, tattoos and bindi. The body tattoos are a street smart alternative to the hand drawing of henna on the arms of indian brides. Bindi, which mark the third eye, can be worn for adornment for marriage, to show a woman is married, and by both sexes, for fashion. I use these materials in paintings and sculptures in a repetitive process, which is a meditation, a dialogue, and a commentary on indian culture. In the creation of bhakti art, it is as if india and i discover each other, over and over, each time a new experience.? John gilbert 2013 goa, india
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