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Allan Zie Yongder 3 Kleur Lithografiën"Birds & More" Ges Gen

23 x gezien 0 x bewaard sinds 05 apr. '18, 08:19
€ 19,00


Allan zie Yongder:
" Birds and More " Drie kleur Lithografiën, gesigneerd, genummerd, blad grootte: 14 x 15 cm. De prijs is voor de 3 litho,s.

We saw that the timing was right, " Said Hannah Fink " , managing editor of both magazines. And over the past few years, a strong market for contemporary art has grown up in Asia. There is great interest and very little knowledge. I also see the magazine as part of Australia's efforts to integrate Australia into the region.

" Alan zie Yongder ", a Hong Kong publisher, launched artension, an ambitious Contemporary-Art Magazine, in 1988, but had to reduce it to a section in his lifestyle magazine, B-International, two years ago when it became a financial burden. Asian Art news sends 60 percent of its 15,000 copies to North America and Europe. Ms. Fink said that art and Asia pacific would start a marketing campaign outside the region next year. The three asia-wide magazines, as well as a host of new local magazines and newsletters (taiwan and china have at least three art publications each) have given asian art publishing an injection of vitality. Old and respected magazines like orientations and art of asia have traditionally focused on classic art and antiquities rather than on contemporary art. The new publications are riding a wave of change that has swept over large parts of asia during the past decade. "twenty or even 10 years ago, many of asia's talented artists found that political and cultural restrictions made it impossible for them to create in their homelands," mr. Findlay-brown said. "they would have to emigrate to the west to be able to make the art they wanted to.
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