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Cecil Barth Firestein(1959)Kleu Lithografie"Bloemen" Ges Gen

46 x gezien 0 x bewaard sinds 09 apr. '18, 18:27
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Cecily Barth-Firestein:
(1959). " Bloemen " Kleur Lithografie, 1985. Gesigneerd, genummerd, oplage 150 exemplaren. Blad grootte: 14 x 15 cm.

Cecily Barth Firestein my first one-person exhibition of oil paintings took place directly after my first son was born, in 1959. The next exhibition occurred after the birth of my second son. I changed my medium from oil painting on canvas to collage on paper to accommodate the demands of family life'a husband home for lunch every day and my desire to raise my children with minimum hiring of outside caregivers.

Collage was a more practical medium for me as a mother of these two youngsters. I could leave and return to the work as time permitted, and there were no dangerous substances to spill or inhale.since those early times i have had more than 43 solo exhib itions here in the states and abroad. Those first exhibitions were during the ?tenth street days?, When there were few women in ?the boys? Club?. I was a member of one of the first coop galleries centered around that area. After the gallery openings the men went out drinking at the cedar bar. I was invited to come along. I went home to change diapers. Abstract expressionism was de rigueur in the fifties.
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