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Vintage Uher 4000 Report L ( Taperecorder )

154 x gezien 2 x bewaard sinds 10 aug. '17, 19:29
€ 149,00


Ophalen of Verzenden


€ 7,95


Type : Bandrecorder
Eigenschappen : Met stofkap, Met banden


Uher 4000 Report L geheel Compleet met banden, 2 microfoons, aansluitkabels, Leren draagtas en gebruiksaanwijzing. Getest en functioneerd perfekt.

UHER 4000 Report

Open reel tape recorder

The Report 4000 was a series of portable open-reel magnetic-tape audio recorders, introduced by UHER in München (Germany) in 1961. It was one of the first truely portable fully transistorised recorders that dominated the professional (broadcast) market for many years. Numerious variants of this recorder exist, and it was also used by law enforcement agencies and in espionage trade.

The machine measures 270 x 215 x 85 mm and weights 3 kg. It is used with two open reels with a diameter of 13 cm (5 inch) and has two mono audio tracks. It offers four speeds for recording and play-back: 2.4, 4.75, 9.5 and 19 cm/s, selectable with a knob at the front top/right.

The Report 4000 is powered by five 1.5V D-size batteries, that are installed in a compartment that can be accessed via the removable bottom panel. Alternatively the unit can be powered by an external mains transformer, or an internal one that is fitted inside the battery holder.

Due to its excellent price/performance ratio, the UHER 4000 recorders were heavily used in the broadcast and film industry as an affordable alternative to Nagra. The first model of the 4000-range was introduced in 1961 and the machine was in production in various incarnations until 1966, when it was succeeded by the two-track 4200 and eventually by the 4-track 4400. The machine shown here was purchased by the previous owner in 1965 for DM 450 (EUR 225)
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