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Denon dcd 1500 ae high-end cd/sacd-speler topstaat + a.b. !!

382 x gezien 15 x bewaard sinds 05 aug. '17, 19:21
€ 245,00


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€ 6,95


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Absolute topspeler van Denon, uitgerust met de befaamde AL24 Processing en Burr-Brown PCM 1791 topdac.

Google voor de wereldwijd lovende testen en reviews van deze CD/SACD-speler.


The DCD-1500AE features AL24 Processing, an analogue waveform reproduction technology that Denon developed to reduce quantitative noise and support the higher resolutions and sampling of next-generation media.

AL24 Processing interpolates the recorded digital data so that it produces a waveform that is closer to the analogue waveform for the sound as it existed in the natural world. By reproducing in 24-bit quality the 16-bit signals recorded on CD, low-level signals such as those that occur at moments when the music quietly fades or starts are reproduced with greater clarity.

The DCD-1500AE includes the Original Drive Mechanism that Denon has been perfecting over many years for both dedicated and universal CD players. The three-phase brushless spindle motor has been designed with an extremely short shaft that not only suppresses mechanism resonance caused by high-speed rotation during Super Audio CD playback but also suppresses internal resonance caused by disc eccentricity, to create an ideal servo environment.
This design ensures superior disc reading accuracy and playability. It also incorporates a highly-acclaimed SVH (Suppression Vibration Hybrid) loader that features a hybrid construction combining multiple types of materials to further improve the disc drive's stability.

A 24-bit D/A converter is used to perform D/A conversion. High sound quality is made possible with an extremely simple configuration that uses only a pure analogue FIR filter in the output stage of the D/A converter. This D/A converter uses differential operation for each of the two stereo channels to further boost sound quality.

As in Denon's higher-end models, the DCD-1500AE uses the DAC as a master to supply clock signals to the various devices and ensure highly reliable oscillation accuracy. By frequency dividing signals from the master clock at a dedicated device, the DSD decoder that is vital for Super Audio CD playback and the DSD clock signal effectively minimize the adverse influences of jitter to achieve sound images with clear contours.

The unit includes a Pure Direct mode that turns off the display and digital signal output. When the pulse signals of the digital data and the display drive are turned off, adverse influences on the audio signal are eliminated to create a more favourable environment for enjoying the purity of music.


Disc format: CD, SACD
Digital converter: BURR BROWN PCM 1791
Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz (CD), 2Hz to 50kHz (SACD)
Dynamic range: 100dB (CD), 104dB (SACD)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 110dB (CD), 104dB (SACD)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0018% (CD), 0.0013% (SACD)
Line output: 2V
Digital outputs: coaxial, optical
Dimensions: 434 x 135 x 331mm
Weight: 7.6kg
Accessories: RC-1020 remote control

Enkele overgenomen testen:

Platz 1 von 5. sehr gut (88 Punkte)Preis/Leistung: gut - sehr gut.
... klingt im CD-Modus spritzig und direkt, um dann mit SACDs den Hochton feiner zu spinnen und die Raumdarstellung weiter zu ziehen.

Klang-Niveau (CD / SACD): 49% / 65%Preis/Leistung: exzellent (4 von 5 Sternen).
Der neue CD-/SACD-Player ist in seiner Klasse ein Abräumer. Er serviert ein hoch aufgelöstes, ungemein souveränes und ruhiges Klangbild von großer Kraft und Klarheit, das an Denons Top-Player erinnert.

Deze in absolute topstaat verkerende speler wordt geleverd met de originele afstandsbediening en is uiteraard te bekijken en te beluisteren.
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