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lg harddisk / dvd recorder rht497h 160 gb

44 x gezien 2 x bewaard sinds 28 jul. '17, 17:54
€ 20,00


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Type : Dvd-recorder


komt met handleiding, afstandbediening en netsnoer.
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The RHT497H is equipped with a single Freeview tuner, which means you can't record one channel and watch another. To do that you'll have to use your TV's tuner, which is inconvenient and denies you the pleasure of pausing live TV. The sooner manufacturers start putting twin tuners inside Freeview combis, the better.

TWIN TURBO: The rear of the LG RHT497H reveals an RF loopthrough with twin tuners and an HDMI port capable of outputting 1080p upscaled images
Compensation comes in the form of the inclusion of Freeview+ features such as Series and Split recording that ensure you never miss your favourite programmes.
Thanks to a major revamp, the RHT497H is one devilishly good-looking recorder, with an all over black finish, bare fascia and circular drive selection buttons surrounded by a ring of light.
You can copy DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG from USB memory stick to the hard disk and create your own content library, plus the deck will also play DivX HD. 'Timeshift' is LG's pause live TV mode, which stores everything in a temporary buffer, but lets you keep sections permanently using Clip Record.
There's no smart chaptering mode like you'll find on the latest Panasonic models, but these can be added manually or automatically at 5, 10 or 15-minute intervals. For recordings on DVD-RAM/-RW (VR) or the hard disk, you can perform a range of non-linear editing features, while RAM and RW discs also enable you to make playlists from titles or chapters.
The LG gets off to a good start with an auto installation mode that guides you through the basics, including digital and analogue channel tuning. For the main menu, LG keeps faith with its well thought out Home Menu system, which lists the options across the top with a drop-down menu for each one. All of your recordings and digital content can be accessed from here.
The 7-day EPG looks basic, but is easy to navigate and superimposed over live TV. You can switch between a channel overview and a now/next layout, and unusually you have to enter the date you want to look at instead of jumping forward or back 24 hours.
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