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Pentacon auto 2.8/29 (M42) (opvolg. Meyer Orestegon 2.8/29)

260 x gezien 4 x bewaard sinds 19 mei '17, 19:05
€ 30,00


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Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Groothoeklens


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Pentacon auto 2.8/29mm MC M42 mount

Zie voor een lijst van andere lenzen mijn Marktplaats Advertentie (of zoek op:) " LENZEN (zie lijst) "

Pentacon 29 2.8 lens review
The Pentacon 29 2.8 was one of the most widely produced wide-angle lenses of the former GDR. It is compact and light and offers decent image quality at a very low price. It is certainly not the best wide-angle lens around, but if you are using a camera with a cropped sensor this lens might still be very interesting for you. You will be able to shoot wider images. At the same time you will not have to worry about the softness of the corners that you will obtain when shooting this lens on a full frame body.

Pentacon 29 2.8
versionsThe Pentacon 29 2.8 was manufactured in M42 and was often sold with the Exa 1b and Praktica cameras. All versions have a black finish. All the lenses are multi coated (MC).

Mounts available:*M42 / Pentax Mount*Made in east Germany
  • Lens elements: 7
  • viewing angle: 73°
  • minimum focusing distance: 25cm
  • Filter mount: M55 x 0.75
  • Multi Coating: Yes

The Pentacon 29 2.8 is certainly one of the most affordable wide angle lenses. Although 29mm is certainly an unusual format, the Pentacon 29 2.8 is a useful lens that will deliver decent results. You will hardly notice this lens as it is very light and nicely build. Its a nice little travelling companion that wont leave your shoulder crippled the next day. The 29mm format gives you a slight edge over 35mm lenses if you seek wider perspectives and compositions. nice angle of view that will work great for landscape photography and even portraiture. Its minimum focusing distance of 25 cm also comes in handy for portraire and close up shots.
  • value for money
  • close focusing range of 25cm
  • compact, light and solidly build
  • value for money

CONs:Even if the results are ok, they will never be exceptional. The Pentacon 29mm is more of an outdoor performer. At f2.8, the Pentacon 29mm is not the fastest lens. I had the impression that the images lack luminosity and it is hard to make out details. That was also due to its other main problem: the relative softness of the lens (even when stopped down). The center of the image might be sharp but the corners will be very soft and distorted. In the long term the results you obtain might not satisfy you. I personally would rather invest a bit more and get a Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm orthe Takumar 28mm.
  • soft, especially in the corners
  • harsh bookeh
  • as every extrem wide angle lens there tends to be some distortion
  • not a fast lens
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