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harddisk dvd/video recorder

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Conditie : Gebruikt
Capaciteit : 160 tot 250 GB


The Panasonic DMR-EH60 does have a very good interface and excellent media support. It supports DVD-R/RW and DVD+R as well as DVD-RAM cartridges. Unusually, it also has a Secure Digital slot in the front, allowing you to insert SD flash memory direct from your digital camera. You can use the player to view images on your TV, and you can also copy them to the hard disk and DVD-RAM disc.

The Panasonic's UI is by no means cumbersome. The speed at which you can name, edit and dub recorded clips on the Panasonic is quite good. It's an 8X DVD-R/+R burner (5X DVD-RAM, 4X-DVD-RW), capable of high-speed dubbing, and there's a decent menu system for selecting and modifying clips for archival to optical disc. You can re-encode during the dubbing process to reduce the file size, but it can only dub at real-time rates if you do that. Dubbing, of course, can work both ways, although you typically can't dub commercial DVD movies.

As with most DVD recorders, discs that are recorded in the DVD video format (typically DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD-RW) can be finalized to play on other consumer players. The Panasonic, with its fast burner, does this quite quickly, and produces a disc with a polished menu system (including thumbnails) and quality video.
The DMR-RH60 has a huge range of input and output options - including digital and progressive scan component video, and it also has a DV (FireWire) input for dubbing from digital camcorders. It has both SCART and S-Video input and output, along with the usual RCA composite input and output and antenna loop-through.
We're fond of the Panasonic's interface, and massive 200GB hard disk and high quality video encoder are appealing,
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