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Shure (nee) SE Model Clear 846 ja High end in Ears

5446 x gezien 59 x bewaard sinds 16 aug. '17, 20:57
€ 199,00


Conditie : Nieuw
Type : In gehoorgang (in-ear)
Merk : Overige merken
Eigenschappen : Surround


Het gaat hier om de aan de SE846 gelijkwaardig uitgevoerde in Ears met 4 drivers, daardoor is de geluidskwaliteit en weergave van uitermate subliem niveau. Op elk niveau hoog, midden en bas presteert dit set uitstekend.normaal zou hier aan prijskaartje van zon'n €1000,-. Doe een redelijk bod en wie weet?? Na te leveren diverse filters waarmee de klankkleur kan worden aangepast.
Dit setje wordt geleverd met:
en alle originele accesoires,
Sound Output Mode stereo
Frequency Response 15 Hz
Sensitivity 114 dB/mW
Impedance 9 Ohm
Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers afneembare kabels buigzame uiteinden transparant uitgevoerd
soft case
Leverbaar met transparante kabel.

1 jaar garantie,
Maar let op dit is geen Shure het is een eigen merk.
Geen retailersbox 
Nu €250,-Zie hieronder een review:
I would like to start out this short review with stating why I chose the 1MORE dual hybrids as a comparison. The main reason is that while these may not be the most expensive pair I own, they are the best sounding, although a little heavy on the bass for some. They also offer some of the best soundstage and instrument separation that Ive heard at their price range. Second, I am an avid member of Head-Fi, however this review will never make it to there as I found out fairly soon when I started asking about the 864 before purchasing that the seller was not permitted to advertise on Head-Fi. I dont care why this is the case or any of its logistics, right now we are here to talk about an excellent product for an excellent price. 
 Regarding visuals, they look pretty much identical to the Shure SE 846s and possibly use the same housing, but contain three Knowles drivers, two of which have dual drivers in one with a single sound port to make up a total of five drivers per in ear monitor. Its interesting to note that these technically have an extra driver over the Shures. Now, to go over the basics.
Comfort: Im still doing some tip rolling, but I like the foams and Im not sure why some people are complaining about them; perhaps they have odd shaped gremlin ears ? The foams are basically a knockoff of Comply foams which we can could all agree are heavily marked up. The provided silicones do an excellent job and I had no issues with them either. The around ear design pretty much eliminate microphonics which is more than I can say for the 1MORES which can be annoying at times. You tend to plug these into your ears and forget they are there, so they are considerably comfortable and even excellent to sleep in.
Listening to some of my sample songs reveal that these have excellent overall texture with saxophones and violins and they dont carry that annoying grain that can sometimes follow with certain dynamic driver headphones. Yannis Adagio for C minor and prelude have amazing presence and balance, silky smooth and not sibilant or harsh which allows you to pick up how the different violins and cellos are playing together to form a warm cloud of music around you. Detail retrieval on high resolution files are absolutely stunning; you will definitely hear additional details in the music that you would not normally.
Moving to soundstage, this is a tricky department. It seems the 1MORE creates an illusion of a larger soundstage by placing the vocal frequencies and your focal instruments, such as a saxophone, slightly in the background instead of fully in front like the 864 does. Regarding the isolation, the 846 isolates far better and does not leak sound for a more private listening experience while the 1MORE can leak background noise when turned up due to their vented dynamic driver. As a result tis also lets some sound in
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