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4 Clearaudio Magix2 magnetische isolatoren

188 x gezien 3 x bewaard sinds 13 sep. '17, 16:48
€ 400,00




4 Clearaudio Magix 2 Magnetic Isolation Feet
Unieke magnetische isolatoren, waren nieuw €230 per stuk.
De allerbeste isolatoren voor CD speler, DAC, draaitafel, lineraire voeding en andere gevoelige audio apparatuur.
Compleet met originele doos/verpakking.

The Magix, a unique design from the German firm Clearaudio (well known for their superb phono cartridges and turntables), has succeeded where so many others have tried and failed. The have solved the issue of zero contact between the top and bottom of the isolation device with a proprietary centering system that keeps the two opposing magnets in perfect alignment. The second challenge of reducing or eliminating the strong magnetic field has been overcome using a self-shielding inner core.

From a sonic perspective, the Magix differ from other devices by what they dont do. Most any isolation device imparts some sort of character of its own. That may be increased detail, more speed, a slight softening, added brightness, etc., etc. The Magix strips all those artifacts away, and leaves behind a sense of purity and air. Background silence is increased, subtle details are allowed to unfold rather than being forced out, and the music ebbs and flows with a naturalness that is alluring.

Dimensions: 9 cm (loaded) high and 10.8 cm in diameter (Magix may be too high for use on some interior rack shelves where space above the component is limited)
Weight bearing capacity: 5.4 kg each (take the weight of the component you intend to isolate and divide by 5.4 to determine the number of Magix you will need)
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