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Furutech e-TP60E Power Distributor

177 x gezien 1 x bewaard sinds 15 sep. '17, 11:07
€ 390,00




Vanaf 50 euro gratis verzending binnen Nederland, vanaf 100 euro gratis naar Belgie en Duitsland

e-TP60E (+GC-303) AC Power Distributor

6 Audio Grade sockets 24K Gold Plated Bronze (1875W),
non-magnetic, super cryogenically treated
(FURUTECH a-process)

Internal wiring FURUTECH µ-14 (14 AWG)

GC-303 special material for absorbing electromagnetic
waves / noise without the negative side effects of vertical or
horizontal noise filters (degradation of power / audio quality)

Powercord not included

Total Attention to Detail and Build Quality

Many A/V enthusiasts go to great lengths to carefully set up major system components, but pay little attention to the source, the AC power. Furutech knows that each and every part of the chain is as important as the next, so maximum attention is lavished by Furutech on all aspects of AC power transfer.
The e-TP60E is a sophisticated, luxuriously made power distributor that eliminates many common problems found with audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical power. The AC waveform becomes severely distorted by ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, plus radiated high frequency digital noise from processors and digital interconnects. There are also distortion products at the top and bottom of the AC waveform created by switch-mode power supplies in electronic devices on the same circuit. Additionally, youre never alone; your residential AC mains supply is shared with other apartments, homes, and businesses on the same utility transformer. Thats why many audio and video enthusiasts notice their systems are more enjoyable late at night or on weekends!
The beautifully crafted special grade aluminum chassis effectively shields against another common problem, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), and a layer of Formula GC-303 blocks EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference). Internal wiring is FURUTECH -14 wire(14 AWG) that guarantees low resistance. Furutech Hyper Quality High Performance SCHUKO sockets are wired to the IEC AC input of the e-TP60E. SCHUKO sockets feature 24k gold-plated Eutectic brass (Alpha) Conductor, non-magnetic conductors for stable, long lasting, optimized power transfer.

The Final Result

The 2-Step Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Alpha Process works in tandem with other design-in features to create the most optimized AC power transfer possible. Furutechs total awareness and devotion to detail results in a greater sense of power, dynamics, and resolution, with cleaner, blacker backgrounds and a larger, more stable soundstage, vivid tonal colors and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range. The e-TP60 will allow the delicacy, refinement and nuance of a performance through, along with micro- and macro-dynamics that will leave you breathlessly engaged. Displays of all types will exhibit greater, sharper resolution with less ghosting, color shift, snow, or vertical and horizontal lines.

Formula GC-303

GC-303 is a special material that Furutech layers and bonds to the interior bottom-plate of the chassis. It actually absorbs EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) generated by the internal fittings of the unit. The e-TP60E uses no other filtering besides GC-303 so AC resistance is kept to a minimum, allowing a more resolving, powerful, dynamic, and colorful performance from your components.

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Jouw Hifi

voor al uw nieuwe, gebruikte en demo hifi en high end apparatuur,
kabels en accessoires.

persoonlijk advies op maat op basis van meer dan 30 jaar ervaring.

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KVK 09191661 btwnr NL125263405b01

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