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LED LCD PLASMA TV onderdelen. Deel 1 van 5

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Lcd led plasma tv onderdelen sony - lg - samsung - sharp - philips - jvc - panasonic - akai

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Sharp LC-37XD10E Tcon LVDS flatcable to lcd panel SET 2 of 2. ONE PIECE!! Samsung LE32M86BD tcon lvds to panel driver flat cable C70518CF Sony Side AV input board. 1-868-636-11 (172676911). From KLV-S40A10E Sharp Aquos LC-46LE630E flat cable no:1 between Main av board and TCON. E66085 Compaq Armada E500. Display LCD panel including inverter, cables + hinges Samsung key + power button incl Infrared.BN41-00850A/BN41 -00851A.From LE46M87BD Samsung 46" speaker set. BN96-21669C / 6ohm 10 watt / K62C06SJ27 Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E Power supply. RDENCA133WJZZ / PSC10125F M PKG1 Samsung Card reader. BN94-01014B / BN41-00625A Sharp LC-37XD10E Power button channel board WE0172207 / KD910 / FD910WJ Samsung / LG LCD TV Internal cable. E97577 AWM 2835 VW-1 30V 28AWWGX9C SHINHWA Inverter board. SSB400WA16V Rev 0.1 Compaq Armada E500 Floppy disk drive. 159538-001 / 1N1500J1ME295F / 159538-001 LVDS TCON cable. Samsung / LG. E148000 ir receiver board. BN41-00554B MP1.2 Infra red receiver board. 7500-p19c02-00r / E251867 3.18 HENA Samsung Flat cable between Side AV input + main. 0734-0819. Taken from LE46M87BD Proline LD2601 Main AV Board. PWB-2601A M375364 REV 3. 0411QKQ00653 Power supply. 48.7a215.011. PTB-2008 / POWER BD / L9303-1 Sharp LC-37XD10E Main AV board. QPWBFD604WJN4 Samsung inverter board. SSB400_12V01 Rev0.3 / 1017(100211)2 / GTCGC3VO LVDS TCON Flat cable Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E. 1 Piece add nr.2. MD143WJ LCD TV Internal cable. 31 hole connector each side. 26cm long. Taiyoung Sony Speaker set. 1-826-231-11 left + right . From KLV-S40A10E Proline LD2601 Speaker set. Left + Right FB-12503C-02 . 8ohm/7watt Samsung Inverter boards MASTER+SLAVE.4H.V2358.071 /A + 4H.V2358.081/A.LE46M87BD Inverter CCFL Transformer. TMS91429CT -new- Speaker set L + R, taken out of Samsung LE40A656A1F. BN96-06809B K-TECH A8038157 Samsung Power cable fixing + connector. BN61-03020A / from LE40A656A1F LVDS TCON Flat cables. Cables to connect to LCD screen. Taken from DMTECH LM32 Samsung touch button board IR set. BN41-00996a BN41-00997A / from LE40A656A1F. 10 piece of 2200uf 35v 105°C capacitor / condensator / elco (2200 uF) LG Philips inverterboard. 6632L-0212A taken from DMTECH LM32 1 piece of 2200uf 35v 105°C capacitor / condensator / elco (2200 uF) Samsung Main AV board. BN41-00974B Emma / BN94-01741B / Taken from LE40A656A1F 1 piece of 2700uf 25v 105°C capacitor / condensator / elco (2700 uF) Xbox 360 cooling GPU heatsink - original! X801327-002 LG Philips inverterboard. 6632L-0211A taken from DMTECH LM32 Speakers L + R incl. tweeters. FB15601-01 + EST04801-01. Taken from DMTECH LM32 Samsung TCON LVDS Flatcable. BN96-07578B / from LE40A656A1F Inverter boards flat ribbon internal connecting cable Taken from DMTECH LM32 Button IR power switch on board. DPPB-10251A DPPB-10256A. Taken from DMTECH LM32 LVDS TCON cable from mainboard to TCON board. Taken from DMTECH LM32 Power switch button board. DPPB-10203A / GF102 . taken from DMTECH LM32 LG Buffer board. 6870QFC104A. YDRV_BTM Righteous Kill - Bluray Disk Zsus board. EAX34151701 EBR 31650502 Sharp LC-37XD10E TUNER Board. QPWBND833WJN1 / KU52D1EH Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Power button keys. 13-N8G2AP060 Sony Side AV input board. 1-871-227-11 . Taken out of Sony KDL-40W2000 Samsung Inverter board.SSB400W20V01 Rev0.0 / Inv40B20d / Taken from LE40A656A1F LG W2242PE FLATRON main board. EAX56406202 / W42TE LG W2242PE FLATRON main board. EAX56406202 / W42TE / 080812 LG W2242PE FLATRON key buttons. EAX41346804 / LW42 BAIKAL3 LG W2242PE FLATRON key buttons. EAX41346804 / LW42 BAIKAL3 / 080925 Capacitor / Capacitance / Elco / Elko tester meter. DM-6013L. Gift suggestion. 5 piece of 2200uf 35v 105°C capacitor / condensator / elco (2200 uF) LG remote ctrl board. Remote sensor eax35793702(0) / 070210 A.M.K. Proline LD2601 cable set. Internal cables / wires Sharp Aquos LC-46LE630E flat cable no:2 between Main av board and TCON. E66085 Sharp Aquos LC-46LE630E center speaker. 242226440088 17ohm / 14W Samco 27IY1H Samsung (LE32C650) inverter board. Darfon 4H.V2258.191/B1 Philips BOLT-ON Module. 313926806131 / LC07. 3139-121-3210.1 / 728.5 EH Samsung LE46F71B. BN41-00776A Power, Infra red + BN41-00749a button board Samsung LE32M86BD power socket / ground wire / cable set Samsung Speaker set. BN96-03279A BN96-03280A . From LE27S71BX BN96-10076A CABLE LVDS Asus L4500R laptop part 15".Wifi module cover case Samsung Highpower supply wire from PSU to Inverter. 41cm. From LE46M87BD Compaq Armada E500 motherboard. Type: pcb-2p6963mb-46a-ver1.5 good working! Samsung LE37B530P7W cable between power supply and mainboard LG button board. EBR37276301 / 73EBR37276301013 Asus L4500R laptop part 15".LCD Screen cable. ASUS L4. 08-20DL8411N Cresta Rainmeter DISPLAY ONLY! - No: 9321 Sony tcon / lvds cable. Connecting cable between TCON and MAIN AV .KDL-40W2000 40-L19PFL-KEC1XG Key button board LG button board. EAX43346802 (EAX43346002) with cable. LW42 BAIKAL3 MDK 336V-0 N LCD controller board Diode SB3200 SB 3200. SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DIODE - NEW- QTY: 5 PC Diode SB3200 SB 3200. SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DIODE - NEW- 1 PC Acer AT3201W tcon lvds cable wire set Acer AT3201W Side audio video input BOX Acer AT3201W Side audio video input BOX Acer AT3201W audio input. DA0VV3TH2B2 Acer AT3201W Side speaker input. DAVV3STH2A6 set of 2 pcs in total incl. wire Acer AT3201W Side tuner input. DA0VV3IB2B4 / 26VV3IB0003 Acer AT3201W keybutton board + buttons. DA0VV3TB2C2 Rev.c Acer AT3201W Tcon lvds board. T315XW01 T-CON 04A05-1E Acer AT3201W audio board. DA0VV2AB2C9 rev.c Samsung internal speakers. BN96-04768B LEFT + RIGHT SET with wiring BN41-00749A Mosel Function buttons key board Samsung LG Power supply. EAX31845101/9 <....> EAY3302510 Tcon LVDS T315XW02 VL CTRL BD / 31T03-C00 Samsung lcd tv light. BN96-10732A Compaq Armada E500 Keyboard/mousepad QWERTY palmrest.354199-002 US / 154877-002 Panasonic Main board for DMR-EH55. VEP79119 / 68220 / A2BD00000145 / 7-MT-275N Samsung AVI adapter / connector set. BN39-01154H Proline LD2601 LVDS TCON Special video data cable Inverter board set 6632L-0198D / 6632L-0197D CTRL Board. LGE PDP 030925. CTRL_1222_LVDS. 6871QCH032B Samsung LE46F71B TCON / LVDS cable 30 pin female - 30 slide contact connector Tcon LVDS board CPWBX RUNTK 4006TP CMKTH-M1X Samsung IR board. BORDEAUX_II. BN41-00712A REv1.1 (CT060102) Samsung LE26A330J1 button board + Infrared board. BN41-00850A / BN41-00709A BN41-00551A button board. BN96-01854A. Model MZ19FS LG LCD TV infra red receiver board. 68709S0932C BN96-04771a. Samsung Speakers Sony GE2 board 1-867-366-21 (1-726-200-21). Taken out of KLV-S40A10E Kiss DP-558 DISPLAY UNIT DP-330 FRONT Inverterboard 48.w1448.001/s inverter board KLS-420W1SD-B Firewire connector on cable. E148000. AWM Style 20276 VW-1 Samsung 46" ir controller board on/off switch.BN96-22413H / BN41-01840B / UE5000 Samsung Speaker set. BN96-09463C. 8ohm / 10W + holder BN61-04759X Samsung IR board. BN96-10736C / BN41-01203A Samsung Inverter cable. BLUE WHITE for LE46B650. 32cm long BN41-00644A + BN41-00645A IR Power / button board Philips Ambilight light tube 3104 304 2706 Sharp LC-37XD10E speaker set Left + Right. RSP-ZA234WJZZ / RSP-ZA233WJZZ Proline LD2601 Tuner board. PWB-L2601T. M375364 Rev 3 Samsung 46" TCON / LVDS flat ribbon cable. YS2316D1 2684 / YT2324K3 2684 (SET) Sony LCD TV Internal DVD drive.YLP125-C64 / YLP120G-4 .Taken from KDL-22BX20d Sharp Aquos LC-46LE630E on/off power switch incl. frame Samsung LE26A330J1 Power socket + internal cable set Samsung LE46F71B. speaker set. Left and Right. BN96-03593C + BN96-03591B Inverter board. KLS-EE37CI-S(H). 6632L-0238A Inverter board. CMO VIT70038.50 REV:3 Samsung lcd tv Pair of Speakers BN96-09463A 10 Watt Proline LD2601 Tcon LVDS videoboard. T260XW01 CONTROL BD 03A06-1E R 48.26T01.016 Compaq Armada E500 2x memory 128Mb CL3 Hynix. PC133U-333-542 Flat ribbon cable for LCD TV.AXON CABLE. 2896 80C VW-1. 10 connector Samsung Inverter cable. BLUE WHITE for LE46B650. 112cm long Philips IR power board. 3139 188 58811 / 313918858811 Philips PSU Power supply Voeding: 3104 328 40271 Samsung LCD 46" TV cable set. See picture. Taken from LE46M87BD Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Hinge set RIGHT. 13-N7510M24X + L4-R Sony LCD KDL-32BX400 key button board. 1-880-417-11 / 1-731-166-11 Samsung LVDS TCON Cable. 30 pin white connector (female) to thin tcon board side Samsung LE32M86BD power on/off, infra red, button. BN41-00850A / BN41-00851A Sony Key button board. 1-871-226-11 . Taken out of Sony KDL-40W2000 Proline LD2601 Keybutton board + Buttons. PWB-L2601KEY M375364 Rev 2 Samsung LE32B350F1W. Tcon / LVDS flat cable. BN96-07766R Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E Infra red receiver board. XD189WJ / KD189 Samsung Speaker set LEFT + RIGHT. BN96-04771A. Taken from LE46M87BD LG Buffer board. 6870QMC106A Samsung (LE32C650) cable power supply to main AV board Samsung Internal powercable. White flatribbon. 71.5cm long. 30 hole double layer Philips IR receiver board. 3104 328 32651 Salora LCD2638. Main board. XLA190R-7 BEKO ELEKTRONIC Salora LCD2638. Tcon LVDS connecting cable. OKT XJR502R Samsung LCD TV Remote control. AA59-00582A - like new! Original Samsung UE40ES5500 TCON LVDS MAIN flatcable. BN96-17116F JS121204Y4 Salora LCD2638. Key button board/ buttons + Infrared XVQ172R 22631 XVZ172R 22062 Salora LCD2638 (TN). Tcon LVDS board. V260B1-C01 Samsung UE40ES5500 TCON LVDS flat cable 1 piece only! (1 of 2). M1432 Samsung UE40ES5500 TCON LVDS flat cable 1 piece only! (2 of 2). M1432 LPG Autogas slang. Inner diameter 25mm. Outer diameter 29mm. 26cm long flexible LG flatron L1919S Keybutton incl. wires, black plactic buttons. 68709C0893G(0) Salora LCD2638 (TN). Tcon LVDS FLATCABLE for V260B1 series Salora LCD2638. Side AV input board. XGA130R 21994 / XGA193-01 Salora LCD2638. Speaker set L + R. XGDI07R / YDT0415-67AXZ Salora LCD2638. inverter board. CMO I260B1-12F / 1260B1-12F Samsung UE40ES5500 Speaker set. BN96-21667A / 6ohm-10W A12M15WJ03 7500-e19c02-00r Key button board. HENA 3.2 Asus L4500R laptop part 15". COVER LCD screen. 13-N751AM012 Sharp LC-37XD10E MAIN HDMI board. XD915WJN3 / KD915WE10 Remote Control. Sony Original! Type: RMT-B120P Sony Speaker set. 1-826-532-11 . Taken out of Sony KDL-40W2000 Flat ribbon cable for LCD TV.SUMITOMO-H AWM 2896 80C 30V VW-1. 15 connector Sony Tcon / lvds cable + DVD flatribbon cable.Taken from KDL-22BX20d Asus L4500R laptop part 15". 1x 256Mb + 1x 512Mb memory PC2700 CL2.5 Hoe zal het met mij afloopen-Studenten dagboek Jan Bastiaan Molewater 1833-1835 SG3842GD SG3842 GD Compaq Armada E500.CD-ROM drive. CRN-8245B / 217396-630 / 315082-005 Sony AV board. 1-871-232-11 . Taken out of Sony KDL-40W2000 Samsung Speakers left + right.BN96-09468B / BN83-01369A. COMPLETE SET Samsung 46" (UE46C6700) internal power cable between PSU and Main AV Samsung Tcon LVDS flat cable. BN96-17116L REV.00 JS111124C1 Samsung LE46F71B. Card reader BN94-01014B + cable LVDS TCON cable. Samsung . 24 hole connector to flat Tcon side.CR60912E/CR60912F LG side input AV. EAX35589501(1) LD75A / AV IN 3 Samsung LE32B350F1W. Speakers left + right. BN96-04769C. 16ohm/5w Sony speaker set. YS FLH107G (YSFLH107G).Taken from KDL-22BX20d Samsung LCD TV speakers L + R. BN96-12940d / K41E18SJ66 Sony AV board (BE). 1-867-360-15 (172619615). Taken out of KLV-S40A10E Sharp Aquos LC-46LE630E tweeter set of 2 pcs. 242226440085. 12ohm/5watt LPA10239 (06E) Operate PWB Sony tcon / lvds flat ribbon cable. YS0705 001781. KDL-40W2000 .. ONE PIECE Sharp LC-37XD10E Card reader board. QPWBXD628WJN3 LG CTRL Board. 6870QCC119A TCON LVDS Board. CPWBX3830TP SHARP TCON LVDS cable. 30.5cm long. Special with ground wire cover Samsung (LE32C650) tcon / lvds cable. BN96-12723A Flexcom Samsung LVDS TCON cable. 30pin white connector Panasonic button board. From DMR-E85HEG. RJB2913A / REP3713 / 4028AVT Samsung Tcon. v296w1-c1, x7 LVDS TCON Cable 16cm long. 30 female connector to tcon side 1.6mm thin 37mm conn Inverter board: Logah Rev:1. VIT71008.91 Inverter board. Darfon V268-002. Type: 4H.V2688.031A Samsung LE26A330J1 Speaker set. BN96-04769A. Left + Right Philips 42PFL9603D / Button + Infrared board. 2722 171 00615 / 080726-M2722 Sharp Aquos LC-46LE630E Button + Infrared receiver. runtka868wjpz2 HT02A0105V1.1 Samsung Highpower supply wire from PSU to Inverter. 81cm. From LE46M87BD Inverter board. CMO I260B1-12D / I260B1-12C. CMO V260B1-L04 LG side AV input (AV IN 4).68709s0144a (1) / Chassis LP61a / 32LC2R Philips SIDE AV INPUT. 3139 123 6229.1 Samsung high current LCD TV inverter cable.VIT-300 E218405. 071115A. 31cm LG Internal wires / connectors. Gray cables-see description Samsung cable between Main AV and TCON. blue white wires. Taken from LE46M87BD Samsung TCON LVDS cable Philips Tcon board. 6870c-0073a LC320WX2-SLO1-F11 Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E power-channel-volume-inpu t button board. XD188WJ / KD188 Samsung Side AV input output board. BN96-05983C. GTU-ALLPH3.Taken from LE46M87BD LG 42LK430 Speaker set. LEFT + RIGHT. EAB60961401 VAE1525 LG 42LK430 Signal cable between IR board and Main AV board. 80cm LG 42LK430 flat cable between tcon and main av board. EAD61668606 / 3YSI110712 LG 42LK430 touch key button board. EBR7327 / EAX61548601 (3) LVDS Tcon board 213U6C6LV2.1 Lycom ST-106-2 Mini Vertical Board for SATA to IDE Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Wifi card. C59686-002 / C54906-010 INTEL Sony main av board. 1-863-275-16 Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Mouse wheel roller 08-20D002206 Rev2.0 incl. frame Samsung Tcon LVDS board. Type: 320WTC2LV4.8 JVC FRONT PB ASS'Y LCA90210/LCB90210 Asus L4500R laptop part 15".Cooling fan cover Toshiba Sattelite MODEM CARD BOARD PK010000R00 Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Harddrive case / harddisk case Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Cooling fan. Sepa HYB55E-05A 2pcs 7N50U (NEW) FDPF FDPF7N50 N-CHANNEL MOSFET Samsung 46" (UE46C6700) ir board. BN41-01404A + cable LVDS TCON Cable SAMSUNG. C3-707c. 21cm long Asus L4500R laptop part 15".Memory cover case Maria de Neufville - Verhaal van myn droevig leeven 1699 - 1779 Samsung tcon lvds cable. BN96-12723C flexcom (570um) LPA10247 Digital PWB LPB10247-001B Transformer TM-0915 / TM0915 - brandnew. To repair Samsung LCD and others Proline LD2601 Main Board. PWB-L2601 M375364 REV 3. 0410QQG00667 Sony display / AV input FL-159 / 1-867-239-11 Philips Ambilight Unit: 3104 313 62633 / 310431362633 Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E LVDS TCON board. WE03501DS / KD186 / QKITPD186WJN3 Samsung Inverterboard. I260B1-12D Scart Board Philips 3104 313 61033 / 3104 328 40891 Capacitor for Microwave 2100V 1.00uF Samsung tcon lvds cable. W903131 / E119932. 52 pin connectors each side. 32 cm Philips button print board. 313918881571 / 3139 188 81571 JVC Power Supply. LCA90256 / LCB90256 -001B for LT-26C31BJE. SMK-9603A Asus L4500R laptop part 15".CPU processor intel.7403B056 SL6N7. 1300/512 RH80535 Samsung 46" (UE46C6700) Speaker set. BN96-12965A / 40LEA4A028162. 4ohm/20w LG Logic buffer board. LJ41-03460a 42" Samsung TV speakers: BN96-06809b Left + Right Inverter board. KLS-EE37CI-M(H). 6632L-0237A LVDS TCON Cable SAMSUNG. DZ070822A / 0Z070822a Philips side AV input 3139 123 6135.1 V3 WK535.1 Sony LCD KDL-32BX400 wire set. Internal cable connector set Samsung (LE32C650) tcon / lvds flat ribbon cable. 69.31T09.F01 ..ONE PIECE..nr2 LVDS TCON Flat cable Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E. 1 Piece. MD143WJ Samsung Inverter board. CM32T_BHS REV0.7 Asus L4500R laptop part 15". CPU Cooling Fan. SUNON GB0545PDV1-8 Samsung LCD TV Tcon LVDS cable. BN96-17116F Inverter board. SSI320A12 / INV32S12S PTB-2008 power supply RM-SDR033E JVC Remote Control PHILIPS, 3104 328 36301 / 3104 303 39562 32HF7543/37 32PF7421D/37 POWER SUPPLY LG power on button PCB. 6870T837D11 Asus L4500R laptop part 15". CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive SD-R2512 USB interface PCB. LFCA00675-0001 Panasonic DMR-EH55 Internal IDE to FLAT cable. Connect harddisk to Motherboard Samsung LCD TV speakers. BN96-21667a Sony PS2 FAT power switch. Alp Tcon LVDS board LJ41-03387A LJ92-01270 42HD S4.0 LOGIC MAIN Samsung speakers for UE46B7000. BN96-09470B / JSS 902001 C09B2JY BN41-00712A TV remote IR board Samsung Samsung (LE32C650) cable power supply to inverter board LG Buffer board. 6870QSC107A Sharp LC-37XD10E Tcon LVDS flatcable PMI006131 LVDS TCON cable. Samsung / LG. 26 hole connector to flat Tcon side Asus L4500R laptop part 15".CPU processor holding frame LG Infra red pcb 6870T835C10 ML-041A LG key button pcb + case. EAX35814101(2) LD75A Panasonic DMR-EH55 Firewire board. VEP73135A / 6621a / VJB73135 RM-SDR011E JVC Remote Control Tcon LVDS board T315XWO1_V5 ctrl / T260XWO2 V2 (T315XW01_V5 ctrl / T260XW02 V2) LG LCD TV speakers. LEFT + RIGHT. E8F11H / 41280401 Sony power supply 1-864-649-11 (1-725-191-11) Philips audio pcb. 313912358832 / 3139 123 58832 T-con lvds board. T315XW02 V9 T260XW02 VA 06A53-1C Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Inverter. 08-20D010236 Rev2.3 Compaq Armada E500 battery board. PCB-53P6735VINO-30G-VER21 0 / 6050013364c0 Sony button for KLV-27HR3 LCD TV. 1-864-650-11 Inverter board. Darfon 4H.V0708.661 /A Samsung key button IR controller board. BN41-01381a TCON LVDS cable for Laptop. n141x2c3. Chi-mei 14.1" Asus L4500R laptop part 15". CPU heatsink cooling unit. 13-N761AM010. 930513 DEFECTIVE * BN94-03469C * BROKEN * NOT WORKING * Samsung Main AV Samsung LE46F71B. Side AV input board + cable BN41-00625A Asus L4500R laptop part 15". keyboard MP-04093US-528. 04-N8G1KUSA0-1 Panasonic DMR-EH55 SD card slot. VJB73136 / VEP73136 A / 6822B LG Buffer board. LJ41-03461a Sony PS2 FAT psu powersupply. 1-468-605-31 Sony infrared receiver board. 1-871-228-11 . Taken out of Sony KDL-40W2000 Inverter board. FDK LJ97-00624a. CSN279-00. PCB2598 A06-125837F LG Plasma Buffer board 6870QDE007B Philips LCD TV remote control. 3139 238 08141 / rc19335019/01. LC 04C Samsung Infrared+touch+cables. BN96-10736C/BN41-01203A/BN41-01204A/BN96 -10732A Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Front button board. 08-20D001207 Rev2.0 Een naekt beeldt op een marmore matras seer schoon-dagboek grand tour(1649-1651) Philips Infra red receiver Module.3139 123 6210.1 V2 WK632.5 Sharp Aquos LC-37P50E Speaker set LEFT + RIGHT Sony PS2 FAT game port unit. Incl.flatcable Asus L4500R laptop part 15". MD560LMI-2 Modem Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Battery pack Lion. 14.8V 4400mAh / 70-N751B1200 BN41-00711A TV switch button board Samsung Asus L4500R laptop part 15".Hinge cover set (3pc) Samsung speakers for UE46B7000. BN96-09468B / BN83-01369A Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Bezel. 13-N8G2AP030 Inverter board. RDENC2157TPZZ. QKITTS0054SN2B(3Y) Cooling Fan : Sunon Maglev GB1209PHV1-A LG Internal inverter connection flat ribbon cable. 75cm long. 14 connections Inverterboard. Darfon 4H.V2358.201 /D + 4H.V2358.191 /D Master and Slave LG video board. 6870T871B11 Proline LD2601 Infrared receiver. PWB-LC28 M375373 Rev.1 Philips SSB Board for 20PF7846/12. 3139 123 58334 / 313912358334 Philips lvds TCON board 6870C-0017B Philips Button panel / Key Controller. 31391236219 / 3139 123 6219 LCD TV TCON LVDS Internal cable. 1.5mm x 22mm white connector. 20 holes Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Speaker set left + right Philips Audio stand by supply used in Philips 32PF9731D/10.Part: 310432845261 Samsung Touch key controller board. BN96-10736C / BN41-01204A Samsung LE32M86BD Main AV to panel driver flat cable inverter board KLS-420W1SD-A LG Buffer board. 6870QSE008E LCD TV internal cable (Samsung/LG). SHINHWA 26AWGX10c ll87299 csa awm t2 80C FT1 LG V5 Power Supply. 3501Q00053A DGK-420W Asus L4500R laptop part 15".Microphone + LCD Inverter connector. 14-100304700 CTRL_temp_sensor 6870QE0002A. LGE PDP 030214 Samsung LVDS TCON cable. 080328A04-N Asus L4500R laptop part 15". palm rest. top cover with mousepad. 13-N8G2AP021 Samsung cable for UE46B7000. Cable between PSU and main AV Philips Ir receiver board. 3139 123 6171.1 INVERTER FOR JVC LT32C31BJE LCD TV IM5002-001 IM5002-002 LC41781-001 LC41781-002 Flat ribbon cable for LCD TV.SUMITOMO-M.AWM 21147 80C 60V VW-1 -F- 15 connectors Buffer board. 6870qwc006a EBR31650801 TYPE XC Samsung LE46F71B Inverter board blue white cable set of 2 LVDS TCON Cable 19cm long. Y0533. 20 female pin to female pin Samsung button + IR set. BN41-00850A and BN41-00851A. Jasmine/Tulip LG Led control board. 6500VR0003E / LG0717H-RoHS. Incl. cable LG Buffer board. 6870QDC106A. YDRV_TOP Sharp LC-37XD10E Tcon LVDS flatcable to lcd panel SET 1 of 2. ONE PIECE Samsung (LE32C650) speaker set. BN96-12871A / 6ohm 10w / D0J28KWA 26" JVC LCD TV PART PSU POWER SUPPLY BOARD - LCA90256 LG button pcb 6870T835C10 ML-041A LG Infra red pcb EAX35793702(0) Philips Buttons GWA7.820.602-2(R) 3139 128 79771 (313912879771) PHILIPS AUDIO BOARD 3104 313 60105 (3104 32830002) Samsung X-MAIN. LJ41-02758A Rev: R1.9 Asus L4500R laptop part 15". Hinge set LEFT. 13-N7510M23X + L4-L
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