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Zeer oude jaren '60 dictafoon GRUNDIG EN3 1e gen. (WIQ)

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Hier wat tekst ergens vandaan gehaald van internet.geluid uit. Spoelen enz werkt prima net als afspelen, je hoort hem spelen alleen ik krijg niet terug te horen wat ik heb opgenomen. Misschien zijn de koppen vuil maar ik ben geen techneut dus de kenner moet dit voor lief nemen en de handige harries kunnen dit misschien wel aan de praat krijgen. Wordt geleverd met de originele lederen hoes. Ik verkoop dit apparaat als zijnde defect want ik krijg er geen used google translator grundig dejur versatile iii . Produced in 60-ies in germany, and was considered a very successful model in a pocket voice recorder. This unit is really a pocket. Its dimensions are in the collection of all 163 x 60 x 35 mm. And without the removable unit (microphone, he is the speaker), it becomes even shorter than 30 mm. Weight 400 g. Power supply 4,5 v, three aa batteries. Everything is made of light materials. Housing bakelite and plastic tape. Also, the apparatus was manufactured under the name of grundig en 3. Perhaps the differences between them are, but apparently they are absolutely identical. Grundig en 3 (photos from the internet) at that time it was one of the smallest and lightest tape recorders. Designers are very well placed to exploit opportunities for miniaturization of all the construction sites. The whole volume of the shell is used, there is almost no unused space. Most importantly, is the original tape, the coil in which are located in one plane. She repeats the form of a voice recorder, and in the prescribed form as it is part of his body. This is an ideal solution for economies of scale. Tape has dimensions of 133 x 60 x 15 mm. Coil diameter 46 mm (1.8 Inches) can hold a tape width of ¼ inch by 20 minutes of recording. Cassette can be reversed, and record on the other side. In case there is a window through which to monitor the flow of the tape. Cassette packaging labeled en 3. Photos can be enlarged when the tape is removed, allows access to the battery compartment on three aa batteries. Kinematics of simple but well thought out. Rubber rollers transmit the motion kinematics directly on the edge of a tape reel. Strangely, it works well. The compact engine has electromechanical stabilization rate. He has a centrifugal regulator, and wiring is the stabilizer of a single transistor. Surprisingly, but in such a simple kinematics of the ear can not be understood that the belt speed is not stabilized. I rewind the tape several times, and anyway, returning to the control record, i've heard almost undistorted voice. Wiring is simple, performed on a single chip, and takes up very little space. Not what regulators there. This is probably due to the initial objective of miniaturization. Erase head replaces the permanent magnet. Manage voice recorder made by one of slide switch. It is situated in a convenient location corps, just where is the thumb, if you take the tape recorder in hand. In four switch position, - "record", "off", "playback", "rewind". There is protection against accidental inclusion. To move a switch, it must shift up or down. At the end of the body recorder is bipin unit connector microphone - speaker. Playback volume is weak, and to listen nado hold the recorder to his ear. However, given all of the positive features of the device, you can forgive the designers. Total recorder makes a very good impression, and quality of work, and appearance. His and today it is can be used for other purposes. In the complete set has a beautiful cover of hard plastic, which looks particularly impressive voice recorder.
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