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Denon DN-M2300R Pro Twin MD Recorder & Player

208 x gezien 3 x bewaard sinds 17 jun. '17, 18:30
€ 385,00




Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Audio


Denon DN-M2300R in goede staat,
Incl. user manual en controler cable:

Recording Functions (Deck 2 only)
Play Functions (Decks 1 and 2):

Hot Start (available on each drive)
- A total of 10 Hot Start buttons are offered (5 per drive).
- Tracks can be loaded into Hot Start one at time or five sequential
tracks at a time.
- Sound can be loaded into Hot Start from any point within the track.
- Loaded tracks can be replaced with new tracks.
- A Hot Start can also be used as a sampler, stuttering any cue point
within a track.

Play Mode & Finish Mode:
1) Play mode
- Continuous: Plays a whole disc
- Single: Plays a track
2) Finish mode (Stop, Next, Recue)
- Stop: Stops after playing a track
- Next: Standby at the beginning of the next track after finishing a track
- Recue: After finishing a track, standby at the beg inning of the same track
Rotary Track Select Knob (easy track selection)
By turning the knob in either direction, tracks can easily be found, searching
through them one at a time, or by tens when pushing down the knob while

Auto Track Increment:
The DN-M2300R detects the silent portion of the program material and automatically
increases the track number. The level of the silent portion can be set
within a range of -36 to -60 dB (5 settings).
In the case of digital recording, the subcode (of DAT or CD) is detected to
increase the track number automatically.

Shock-Proof Memory:
Featuring large capacity RAM memory, the shock proof function prevents
momentary playback dropouts caused by bumps or excessive vibration.

A-B Seamless Loop:
You can set a loop's Start point A and End point B seamlessly "on the fly"
without interrupting playback. The B point can be updated to make the loop
longer or shorter. Length of the loop is unlimited.

Single/All Repeat:
1) 'Single' playback mode: Repeat a selected track.
2) 'Continuous' playback mode: Repeat a whole disc.
3) 'Program Repeat' mode: Repeat a program sequence.

Pitch Control Slider (each drive): ±8.0%, 0.1% steps
Pitch Bend: ±9.9%
Temporarily bends the pitch to match the beats. This feature simulates
"holding" or "pushing" a vinyl record.

Instant Start:
Audio starts instantly (within 0.01 sec) no delay, no lag time.

Eject Lock:
This feature is always active and will prevent removing the wrong disc while
either drive is in "Play Mode".

Search Accuracy 86 frames per sec.
Great for precise playback cueing and especially useful during editing.

Auto Cue:
After a track is selected, it is automatic ally cued to the point where audio starts,rather than where the track starts.

Auto Level Rec Start:
This function will enable the machine to automatically start recording when an audio
signal being received exceeds a (user adjustable) preset dB level. Just press play from
your external audio source and the machine will automatically begin recording.

1 to 2 Synchro-Rec:
- You can easily copy a MD from drive 1 to drive 2. (real time)
- Disc Name and Track Names are automatically copied.

CUE Point Writing and CUE Search:
- Up to 5 cue points per track
- CUE points can only be written to the MD via drive 2 but can be recalled from
either drive using CUE Search.
- CUE points can also be used to set A-B Seamless looping.
- Create up to 3 loops per track and recall them using CUE Search.
- Cue points can also be edited (erased, rewritten or added later )

Editing Functions:
Basic Editing / DIVIDE: Smallest edited unit is 11.6 msec (or down to 1 frame)
- ERASE TRACK/ERASE DISC: Erase one track at a time or the whole disc.
- COMBINE: Combines two tracks together to make "one".
- MOVE: Changes a current track number to another.
- TRACK NAME: Track names can be entered using front panel controls.
- DISC NAME: Disc names can be entered using front panel controls.

Undo/Redo Function:
Up to 2 editing operations prior to the most recent one can be undone then redone, if necessary.

Function Presets:
Since every DJ may have different needs, the DN-M2300R provides "Functional Presets" that can be changed according to your requirements.
These presets are stored in non-volatile memory and can be updated
at any time. (11 presets for drive 1 and 17 presets for drive 2.)

Other Features:
- Digital Outputs (2 coaxial, 1 per each drive)
- Manual eject/loading mechanism for reliability and for quick removal/insertion
- Headphone jack with volume control to monitor recording and playback of drive 2
- Large FL Display
- Mono Playback/Recording capability
- Jog/Shuttle Wheel
Power-on Playback
Simply turning on the unit plays back audio in one of two ways:
1) the entire disc from the first track
2) the program sequence from the beginning

Next Track Reserve:
Turning the track selector knob in either direction during playback reserves the next track to be played and provides a seamless transfer.
You can now select the next track to be played by name.
No play list required!

End Of Message (EOM):
At the end of a track, the FL display flashes, providing a visual warning to the
operator that the track will end shortly. The point at which the EOM warning
begins is selectable within a range of 0 to 60 seconds (8 settings).

Program Play:
This function can program tracks to be played back in advance, including their
playing order, one time or every time. By using internal memory, a total of six
MDs (3 per drive), (25 tracks per disc) can be stored. Once stored, the
DN-M2300R will automatically recognize the disc and activate program play.

Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
Quantization Bits: A/D converter: 16 bit, D/A converter: 18 bit
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz (±1.0 dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02 % or less (Playback, A filter)
0.03 % or less (Recording, A filter)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 92 dB or higher (Playback, A filter)
84 dB or higher (Recording, A filter)
Channel Separation: 86 dB or higher (Playback, A filter)
80 dB or higher (Recording, A filter)
Analog Output: (1 kHz, 0 dB playback)
Connector: RCA jack
Output Level: 1.7 Vrms, 10 kohms
Headphone Outpu t: 20 mW ( 30 to 40 ohms)
Analog Input:
Connector: RCA jack
Input Level: 1.7 Vrms, 47 kohms
Digital Output:
Connector: RCA jack
Signal Format: SPDIF
Output Level: 0.5 Vp-p, 75 ohms
Digital Input:
Connector: RCA jack x 2
Signal Format: SPDIF or IEC-958 Type II
Input Level: 0.3 to 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms
Variable Pitch Control: ±8 %
Pitch Bend: ±9.9 %
Audio Start-up Time: 0.03 second less
Frame Search Accuracy: 1 frame (1/86 second)

Recorder unit: 482 (W) x 88 (H) x 252 (D)
Control unit: 482 (W) x 132 (H) x 40 (D)
Recorder unit: 2-He
Control unit: 3-He

Recorder unit: 6.2 kg
Control unit: 2.3 kg

Power 230 V,consumption: 35 W
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