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digitaal personal studio AKAI DPS16

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Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Audio


16 sporen paneel AKAI Digital personal studio

Features of the DPS16

The following list describes the features of the DPS16:
- The DPS16 features a recording section which is capable of 10 track simultaneous recording and 16 tracksimultaneous playback, a mixer section of 26 channels, and an internal effect section that enables you to usefour effect channels simultaneously. In this way, the DPS16 can serve as stand-alone music productionequipment that handles everything from recording parts to overdubbing, signal processing, and mixdown.
- The DPS16 supports various recording formats: the standard, non-compressed 16-bit/44.1kHz; 16-bit/48kHz;and non-compressed 24-bit/96kHz for the first time for this type of recorder.
- The DPS16 provides you with 16 recording/playback tracks (physical tracks) and 250 data storage tracks(virtual tracks). Switching among virtual tracks (that are assigned to physical tracks) allows you to recordmultiple takes of the same part or phrase and later select the best take for mixdown.
- The mixer section is fully loaded with 3-band EQ, Pan, AUX send 1-4, Level, and on/off capabilities. Inaddition to 16 TRACK MIX channels that control the output from the recorder tracks, 10 INPUT MIXchannels are available to directly control input signals from the INPUT jacks. You can mix down the signalfrom a connected synthesizer and/or sampler.
- Six Q-Link knobs enable you to control mix parameters and effect parameters directly and intuitively withoutinterrupting the flow of your work.
- The DPS16 has an internal IDE hard disk and allows you to connect up to six SCSI devices (such as externalhard disks and MO drives) to the SCSI connector on the rear panel for recording and data backup. Connectinga CD-R/RW drive that supports Multi-Media Commands (MMC) enables you to write audio tracks of theDPS16 to a CD-R/RW disc.
- Connecting a MIDI device, such as a MIDI sequencer, allows for master or slave sync operation. Using MIDIMachine Control (MMC ) also enables you to remote-control the transport section and the selection/cancella-tion of recording tracks of the DPS16 from a connected external device.
- Up to 100 locate points in a song can be named and stored. You can immediately jump to any specified locatepoint using a simple operation. A Direct Locate function that assigns locate points to the keys on the frontpanel is also available
- The DPS16 offers an improved and integrated waveform-level editing function. You can specify track(s) toedit and perform various editing operations, such as Copy & Paste, Cut & Paste, and Copy & Insert.
- The DPS16 is equipped with a scene memory that stores mix settings. You can create several mix configura-tions with different balance and EQ settings. You can also adjust the mix-related parameters via MIDI.Combining this with a MIDI sequencer will enable a mix automation.
- Four-channel multi-effects (optional) selected from among 44 types of effects can be routed via AUX send/return 1-4, or can be inserted to a specified channel.
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