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Omnia 5 ex FM HD ipv Orban Optimod

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Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Type : Audio


IDEAAL voor DAB en FM uitzendingen!

Apparaat heeft jaren ongebruikt opgeslagen gestaan en is weinig gebruikt daarvoor!

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Following the recent launch of the highly successful Omnia-6EX FM audio processor, Omnia Audio announces the introduction of Omnia-5EX HD+FM, a new parallel-output DAB / HD Radio-ready audio processor for FM broadcasters.
The dual processing structure found in the new Omnia-5EX is modeled after the award-winning Omnia-6EX. Paired parallel processing paths one optimized for conventional broadcasting, the other for DAB and HD Radio, webcasting and satellite systems route processed audio from the multiband mixer section to discrete output stages.
Broadcasters fell in love with Omnia-6EX right away; not only because Omnia blows the doors off every other processor, but because it wont become obsolete when they transition to digital broadcasting, explains Omnia President Frank Foti. So weve included this capability in our new Omnia-5EX family of processors as well. Stations that choose Omnia-5EX get an immediate audio upgrade plus the security of knowing their processing is future-proof.
Broadcasters upgrading to Omnia-5EX HD+FM gain legendary Omnia punch and sonic clarity, thanks to two bands of Automatic Gain Control plus wideband AGC and a five-band limiter. The FM section receives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis, and an upper-frequency response of 15 kHz; The DAB / HD Radio section features Omnias exclusive program-adaptive Look-Ahead limiter and userselectable frequency response up to 20 kHz. Omnia-5EX HD+FM also includes user-selectable settings that afford European users full compatibility with the ITUs BS-412 power specification. Omnia Space-EFX stereo enhancement is available as an option.
Omnia-5EX HD+FM users enjoy a host of refined features, including:
  • Powerful new processing algorithms that provide crystal-clear processing for solo voices and instruments. Legendary Omnia loudness can now be advanced to even greater competitive heights with even less distortion.
  • Omnias renowned Bass Management controls, with two new Bass Limiter functions, Tight and Girth, which give users fine control over low frequency processing.
  • Dynamic Bass Limiter algorithms that change waveform characteristics based upon frequency, resulting in deeper bass on smaller speakers, and fuller, richer, and cleaner low-end sound overall while audible IMD on stringed instruments and vocals is reduced.
  • A wide range of factory presets specially tuned to take advantage of the powerful processing capabilities found in Omnia-5EX processors. A variety of format-specific presets help users get up and running quickly.
  • Linux-based front panel software that provides smooth real-time metering of audio processes. Encrypted password protection for processing presets increases security and prevents tampering.
  • Network Time Protocol function that allows Omnia time to be synchronized to a high-accuracy Internet or local external time servers using a network connection.
  • Three-way remote control via built-in Ethernet and serial ports or optional PCMCIA modem card.
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