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Sony MDS-E12 Pro MiniDisc Recorder

399 x gezien 8 x bewaard sinds 25 jul. '17, 23:58
€ 345,00


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Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Audio


Sony MDS-E12 in goede staat;
- Operation manual.
- Interface Manual RS-232C+ RS -232C add info.

Ook 2e MDS-E12 in goede staat ter overname.

- IR remote controler ; 25 Euro
- IR/Cable remote controler ; 45 Euro

19 inch rackmount 1-He

Operation using a
optional PC-compatible keyboard with a PS/2 interface,
for track naming, and provide the same
functions as the remote commander.

Auto Cue/Auto Pauze/AC Timer functions.

Time Machine Recording: stores constantly 6 sec.
audio data in buffer memory.

Music Sync Recording.

Next Track Play allows the next track for playback to be

Shuffle Play, Program Play, All Track Repeat Play,
1Track Repeat Play, A-B Repeat Play.

10-point Multi Access function (Hot Start):
The first few seconds of up to 10 tracks are held in memory
to provide an instant, hot start,from any of these tracks.

Sound Fade Edit:
This feature enables recorded sound levels to be adjusted by
rewriting tracks with a revised sound level.
Fade In and Fade Out can also be added to
recorded tracks. (SF Edit is not available in MDLP2/4 mode).

Auto Track Marking/Auto Time Marking:
When a single, long duration track is recorded,
these features allow the track to be divided
into segments of identical duration using Auto Track marking.
Auto Time Marking then stores as track name the segment
start times by built-in clock for easy playback location. Segment
duration can be set to be between 1 and 10 minutes.

Long Play stereo recording mode:
MDLP provides two modes (MDLP2, MDLP4),
2x and 4x recording time.
This recording format adopts ATRAC3 Technology.
the MDS-E12 can record and playback in stereo for up to
320 minutes on an 80-minute disc.
This is a very useful feature for recording extended meetings
or conference proceedings, and for playback in PA applications.
Combining this feature with the Relay function can provide
recording and playback times of over 24 hours duration.

Mono Recording (except in MDLP2/4).

Vari-speed function:
Provides variable-speed playback over a range of ±12.5%,
in 0.5% steps.When playing back an MDLP2/4 recording,
the Vari-speed range is +0 to -12.5%,in 0.5% steps.

Editing functions:
Combine,Multi Track -on several tracks- Combine/Divide/Undo
Erase : ALL/Track/A-B/Multi Track
Name: In/Erase/ALL Erase/Copy/ALL Copy

RAM Edit:
The TOC of a disc, even a protected master disc,
can be copied to RAM and edited.

Rec level adjustment:
Record level adjustable on both digital and analog inputs.
Analog : knob on rear panel / Set-up menu in digital domain,
adjustable L/R balance.
Digital : Set-up menu in digital domain.

- Analog-RC A unbalanced,adjustable level.
- Analog-XLR balanced,adjustable level.
- Digital-coaxial,adjustable level.

- Phones, 1/4" stereo jack,adjustable level.
- Analog-RCA unbalanced,adjustable level.
- Analog-XLR balanced,adjustable level.
- Digital-coaxial.

Remote Connector:
- PS/2 interface connector.
- Control S :3.5 mm jack.
- Parallel I/O remote : 9-pin D-sub, female.
- RS-232C Interface : 9-pin D-sub, male.
- Relay Record/Play : In/Out 3.5 mm Stereo mini jack.

- 24-bit AD/DA Converter.
- Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz.
- Coding: ATRAC (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding) Type R.
- Wow & flutter: Below measurable limits.
- Frequency response: 5-20kHz (+/-.5dB).
- Dynamic Range: Digital 100 dB/analog 98 dB.
- S/N ratio: Digital 100 dB/analog 98 dB.

Power, Voltage Selector 120V / 230V,Consumption: 16W.
Dim.: (W) 482 x (H) 44 x (D) 290 mm.
Weight :3,5 KG.


Tevens ter overname van Sony Pro,in goede staat;


DAE-1100A (alleen bedieningspaneel)
DMX-E3000 incl. meterbridge
MDS-B5 (2x)
MDS-B6 (4x)
MDS-DRE1 (4x)
MDS-DRE1 footswitch FS-A8 (2x)
MDS-E52 (2x)
MU-X051 (2x)

PCM-R300 (OVP)
PCM-2000 (3x)

RM-DC2 (2x)


Nieuw in OVP;
2x 10 KCA-60BRS
5x 10 PDP-35C Pro DAT
5x 10 PDP-65C Pro DAT
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