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Denon DN M991R MD players

244 x gezien 10 x bewaard sinds 26 jul. '17, 18:31
€ 225,00


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Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Audio


Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Audio

DN-M991R 6 stuks beschikbaar, 4 gebruikte , en 2 nieuw in doos ( prijs is anders dan voor een gebruikte player, dus graag een net bod)

Eventueel ook nog 1 origineel Denon 19 inch rack te koop voor 3 MD Players.

Play mode:
Continuous Play a whole disc
Single Play a single track
Single Repeat: Repeat a selected track (Play mode: Single)

Finish mode:
- Stop: Stop after playing a track or disc
- Next: Standby at the beginning of next track after finishing to play a track
- Recue: After finishing to play a track, standby at the beginning of the track
- Repeat: a. All Repeat: Repeat all tracks of a disc. (Play mode: Continuous)

Playback Speed Control (±8.0%, 0.1% step):
You can turn this function ON/OFF and select the value of playback speed
in the preset mode.

Hot Starts:
- Hot Starts are possible for up to 10 tracks.
- Hot Start operation is possible using parallel remote, serialremote, or a key
board (PS/2 connector, US keyboard with 101or 104keys recommended).

Fader Start/Pause control:
Play/Stop control is possible externally when a mixer for use at broadcast
stations is connected to the DN-M991R's parallel remote (Fader Start) terminal.

Long Name Text/Rescroll:
Allows the user to leave up on the display the important
part of the track name for visual reinforcement and allows
for easy rescrolling of disc and track names

Displays a visual end of message cue per track allowing
for messages of next track cue, phrase cue, etc.

End Of Message (EOM):
At the end of a track, the PLAY/PAUSE button flashes, providing a visual
warning to the operator that the track will end shortly. The point at whi ch
the flashing begins can be set within a range of 5 to 35 seconds (7 steps)
prior to the end of the track.

End Monitor:
Pressing the END MON button during standby instantly previews the end of
the track, thus assuring perfect "outros". The point at which monitoring
starts can be set within a range of 5 to 35 seconds (7 steps) prior to the
track's end.

Prevents accidental recording or editing in the on-air studio
even if the lockout tab on the disc is left enabled

5 min Skip Search:
Allows for easy movement through long single track field
recordings saving editing time

Scroll Speed:
Two times scroll speed for quick track and disc name

Playback functions:
Program Play (Max. 25 tracks)
This function reserves tracks to be played back and then plays them back in the order selected.
1) When the PLAY mode is set to Single, the player stands by at the
beginning of next track. (at Finish mode "NEXT")
2) When the PLAY mode is set to Continuous, the playback is continued
according to your programmed sequence.
3) The Preset function can store Program Sequence data for up to
three discs.

Playback starts less than 0.01 seconds after the PLAY button is pressed.

Auto Cue:
Auto Cue automatically searches for the point where recorded sound starts
and then stands by at that point. However, if sound is not found at the preset
level (-36/-42/-48/-54/-60/-66/-72 dB/OFF) for more than 10 seconds,
standby will occur at the beginning of the track.

Back Cue:
Using Cue Signals to make searchs (Up to 5 points per track)
This function searches for the CUE signal point previously recorded on the
disc. During playback, a CUE TALLY signal is output from Parallel Remote
terminal at the CUE signal point. Using this signal permits controlling
another machine.

Keyboard (PS/2 connector, US keyboard with 101 or 104 keys recommended)
can be connected to perform playback, recording, program
input, editing, hot start and other operations.

Recording functions:
Stereo/Mono Recording (80/160 min.) Selectable
- Auto Level Rec start
This function automatically starts the recording when an audio signal level
from an external unit connected to the DN-M991R exceeds the preset level
(-36 to -72 dB, 7 steps)

CUE Signal Recordings (Max. 5 points per track):
CUE signals can be recorded at optional points during recording. This function can be used together with the CUE point search function at playback.

Pre-UTOC system:
The UTOC recording method is selectable.
In the event of a power failure, DENON's Pre-UTOC system i s capable of
detecting the power failure during recording and can play back the portion
that was recorded immediately prior to the power failure. Usage of Pre-UTOC is selectable by Preset function.

Auto/Manual Track Increment:
- Manual Track Increment: You can increase the track number by pressing
"REC" button at anytime during recording.
- Auto Track Increment: The number of track is incremented automatically for recording.
1) As a rise of input signal is detected during recording and new track No. is given automatically. One of 7 steps (INC DET. -36/-42/-48/-54/*-60/-66/-72dB) can be selected in the Preset mode.
(* This setting is possible for both analog and digital inputs.)
2) For digital signals, track No. is automatically incremented by the code
included in the data. (This is set in the Preset mode.)

Defeat SCMS (Serial Copy Management System):
Recording is possible with or wi thout encoding of the copy defeat restriction system. The copy defeat code is On/Off selectable.

Sampling Rate Converter:
Digital input is possible at 32 and 48kHz as well as 44.1kHz.

Editing functions:
- Cue Point Editing
CUE signal points can be post-written, erased and rewritten.
- Undo function
Even if an error was performed during editing, the UNDO function
can revert the edit up to two levels.
Basic Editing functions;
- Divide
- Erase Track/ Erase Disc
- Combine
- Move
- Track Name
- Disc Name
For Track and Disc name, the combined total number of
characters cannot exceed 1,700 per disc.

Playback: Stereo/Mono selectable
Recording: Stereo/Mono selectable
Signal Compression System ATRAC
Rotating Speed Approx. 400 - 900 rpm
Recording/Playback Time 80 min. (Stereo)
160 min. (Mono playback)
Quantization Bits A/D converter: 16-bit
D/A convertor: 18-bit
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.012% or less (Playback, A filter)
0.02% or less (Recording, A filter)
S/N ratio 92 dB or higher (Playback, A filter)
84 dB or higher (Recording, A filter)
Channel Separation 86 dB or higher (Playback, A filter)
80 dB or higher (Recording, A filter)
Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz (±1.0 dB)

Analog outputs:
Balanced (active), XLR connector
Output level +18 dBm, 600 ohm
Output level adj. range +22 dBm to 20 dBm

Digital Input:
XLR connector
Signal format AES/EBU
Input level 3 to 10 Vp-p, 110 ohm

Digital Output:
XLR connector
Signal format AES/EBU
Output level 3 Vp-p, 110 ohm

Analog Inputs:
Balanced (active), XLR connector
Input level Balanced +18 dBm, 10 kohm

Control Terminals:
- Serial Remote RS-232C/422A switchable, D-Sub 9 pin
- Parallel Remote D-Sub 25 pin
- PC Keyboard IBM-PC Compatible Mini Din, PS/2

Power 220 V, Consumption 27W
Dimensions 144 (W) x 133 (H) x 427 (D) mm
Weight 5.8 kg
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