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Panasonic WJ-MX70 videomixer in flightcase

486 x gezien 7 x bewaard sinds 30 jul. '17, 12:04




Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Video


Ik biedt hier aan een Panasonic WJ-MX70 videomixer in op maat gemaakte flightcase.
Zeer mooie videomixer.
Kan worden uitgebreid met een SDI-inputkaart.

Wordt in NL nog steeds verhuurd vanaf zo'n € 175 per dag !

Kan getest worden, maar dan wel zelf wat apparatuur meenemen.

No shipping to foreign countries !

Product description

The AG-MX70 digital A/V mixer offers an eight input switcher, digital video effects, and audio mixer in a single compact unit. Provides broadcast quality *4:2:2:4 digital component quality and Dynamic Rounding technology to assure clean gradient transitions, smooth edges and crisp video processing. The AG-MX70 can create more than 600 2D effect patterns including transitions, key patterns, melts, mosaic, paint, trail and multi-image. Incorporates two frame synchronizers, a feature which makes it unnecessary for two video signals to be synchronized.

From the Manufacturer

From the Manufacturer With the AG-MX70 digital A/V mixer, Panasonic has integrated a 2-BUS, 8-input videoswitcher, multi-functional digital video effects unit with high-end performance, and an audio mixer into a single compact unit.
The AG-MX70 provides broadcast-grade 4:2:2:4 digital component picture quality. It features more than 600 effect patterns and a 30-frame graphics buffer for roll, crawl, and logo animation using title files downloaded from a PC. A large LCD panel with a matrix menu helps assure quick, easy operation. Offering optional 3D video effects and SDI interface, this A/V mixer is ready for full-fledged digital post-production.
The versatile AG-MX70 is right at home when connected to 25 Mbps DVCPRO VTRs in a digital editing system, or when used as a switcher either in the studio or at live events.

System Applications

- Live Application
Eight video inputs, each with tally output, and M/E and DSK preview prepare the AG-MX70 for use as a switcher with multi-camera feeds for live studio or event applications. Adding the optional SDI interface also enables high-quality digital input. Titles and graphics created on a PC can be downloading from MX-Navi application, and easily superimposed for use in live production programming.

- Editing Application
Standard-equipped RS-422A and RS-232C remote terminals and a GPI terminal allow the AG-MX70 to team up with the AG-A850 or otherbrand editing controller, for A/B roll editing. With the SDI interface option on-board, a high-quality, fully digital editing system can also be configured with a DVCPRO VTR. The MX-Navi title insertion program brings the quality of program production to a level approaching many high-end systems.

Creative, Intelligent, Versatile

4:2:2:4 Digital Processing, 16:9 Wipe Patterns
The AG-MX70 provides high quality 4:2:2:4 digital component signal processing, and wipe patterns accommodates both 16:9 and 4:3 image production needs.

Large LCD Screen, Matrix Menu
A large LCD panel permits easy monitoring of system status. A five-row matrix menu display with five rotary switches makes it easy to understand and set the AG-MX70's multitude of functions. The menu, which is linked to keys on the operating panel, automatically switches to show the necessary settings. This simplifies operation and reduces steps.

2D and 3D Video Effects
Equipped with over 600 2-dimensional effects -- including transition and key patterns, mosaic, paint, trail, and multiimage digital effects -- the versatile AG-MX70 has all it takes to create professional production results. The optional AG-VE70 3D Effects Board provides more than 1,600 3D digital effects, including page turn, ripple, and sphere. The 2D and 3D effects can be combined to create sophisticated image expressions that rival many high-end DVEs.

Roll, Crawl, and Logo Animation
MX-Navi makes it easy to download graphics files (TGA, BMP, JPEG) created with the other graphics applications, via a USB terminal. Downloads go to the internal graphics buffer for use in creating roll or crawl titles, logo animation, and other effects.

Serial Digital In/Out
Adding the optional AG-YA70 SDI Board gives the AG-MX70 a 4-input/1-output serial digital component interface (SMPTE 259M-C). This is ideal for configuring an editing system with DVCPRO or other digital VTRs.

8 Video Inputs
The AG-MX70 is ready for live multi-camera feeds, with a total of eight analog composite inputs, or four analog component Y/Pb/Pr or YC inputs and four SDI inputs.

Joy Stick Controller
The easy-to-handle joy stick lets you intuitively position or size your effects, and select or adjust colors.

Audio Mixing
The AG-MX70 provides versatile audio mixing with four Stereo Inputs plus two Auxiliary Mono Inputs, one of which may be a mic input. Audio can be linked or unlinked to video transitions. The AG-MX70 is also equipped with a headphone jack. The level meters are displayed on the LCD.

Tally Output
Tally outputs for up to eight cameras are provided, for using the AG-MX70 as a switcher at live events.

Other Functions

    Numeric keypad for setting pattern numbers and other values.
    A total of 13 patterns are preset; other patterns can be stored in  memory.
    Digital chroma key, digital luminance key
    M/E(Mix Effects) preview, DSK(Down Stream Key) preview
    Editor terminal (9-pin) for either RS-422 or RS-232C connection

No shipping to foreign countries !

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