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Logitech TV Camera HD for Skype

27 x gezien 1 x bewaard sinds 23 jul. '17, 12:54
€ 15,00


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€ 6,50


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Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw


This was a magnificent device, with a new price of 300 euros. I bought 2 of them in 2015 to make Skype video calls to my parents (they are old and they needed a very simple device, plug and play).
I used this until 2016 perfectly. HD quality, magnificent microphone capturing your sound wherever you are in a very large living room, connected to TV via HDMI, connected to internet via WiFi, Carl Zeiss lens etc.
However, Microsoft decided to stop support for all Skype camera devices in the world in May 2016 (they don't help device manufacturers like Logitech to fix the problems with the firmware of their devices).
This device checks if it is connected to internet by pinging the Skype website (ill design in my opinion). But Microsoft changed the setting of Skype web service, so the Skype website is not pingable any more.
So this device thinks that it is not connected to internet, although it is.
This problem started last year in June. All Logitech devices sold in the world became useless.
Logitech company couldn't solve this problem.
But some technology geeks figured out a work around solution. However, this solution is quite complicated, and you need to by a cheap network router if you want to fix the internet connection of this Skype camera.
First read the forums by searching in Google the following phrase: "Logitech TV Cam HD not working". And then if you think you are capable of applying the work around solution, you should by this device.
My father thought it is impossible for him to apply this solution, so he throw away his device to garbage. I am left with my device, it is useless now for me.
This is the tragic story of how a magnificent 300 euro device dropped to only 30 euros.
Note that Amazon is still selling this product with an expensive price, without informing customers about connection problem (shame on them).
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