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Nad 916 en 917 Eindeversterker en voorversterker

989 x gezien 21 x bewaard sinds 03 jun. '17, 09:52


Conditie : Gebruikt
Luidsprekersysteem : Stereo


About the 916:
.That gorgeous NAD sound, the audiophile build quality, its heavy, solid build, the NAD soft clipping circuitry which provides quasi-tube-like warmth at high voltages, the fact that it can handle weird impedances, and the fact that it's much more powerful than its specs suggest. And oh yes, six channels, bridgeable in so many ways. About the 917: Awesome unit. It got me started into HT. I used in 2 channel for a while, then got into HT. It does an awesome 5 channel job, very flexible with setup options.
This is a high quality unit. The other reviews talked about tuner and video quality, I think this is the best of all the ones I tried. Tuner antenna needs to be experimented with, try coax cable feed if you can.
Video and interconnect cables need to be kept away from power chords, it makes a big difference. For the deal I got and the cost to upgrade to DD/DTS I am very happy and will stay with this. I think many prologic units can be had for a steal considering their lack of popularity. The component quality is very high. I also used it with very low impedance amp, no problem. I think the amp may have not been a match for speakers. Only passive preamps need to be carefully matched to power amps.
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