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Proceed pav high end voorversterker

744 x gezien 6 x bewaard sinds 04 jun. '17, 12:49
€ 595,00


Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Luidsprekersysteem : Stereo
Merk : Overige merken


Proceed avp

Bottom Line:

If you are reading up on a Proceed PAV these days it will be likely as strictly a 2 channel pre-amplifier given that the onboard Dolby Pro-Logic processing abilities serves about as much value as having a spare 1982 Chrysler Cordoba kicking around in the garage for fun. More to the point if you are NOT looking at a Proceed PAV as a 2 channel pre-amplifier than you should be. Why ? Because the Proceed PAV was basically an off the shelf $ 2K Mark Levinson #38 pre-amplifier with a $ 2400 processor added on inside of new sheet metal with the Proceed name on it all.

That is correct; with a $ 4,400 original list price; (not counting the PDSD add-on that pushed the total price up to close to $ 10K) the Proceed PAV represented pretty much the absolute cutting edge, state of the art in Home Theatre of the mid 90s. Most every H/T magazine editor used at least one Proceed component (or more) in their reference systems and most insiders to this very day realize this is about as close as you can get to Mark Levinson sound and build quality without the Mark Levinson prices.

In short the PAV is a steal; it has incredible 2 channel performance for what it is. Even Stereophile magazine compared the 2 channel performance of the PAV to a $6K Jeff Rowland pre-amp in the day and that is really saying something. Its that good. I wont get into the sound quality other than to say you simply have to hear one. It also has 2 sets of balanced inputs and a full set of balanced outputs on top of the standard RCAs..You just cannot beat that kind of value and flexibility.
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