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SMSL M8 ESS Sabre DAC +VA2 Amplifier +P1 Linear Power Supply

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SMSL Audiophile M8 DAC + VA2 Headphone Amplifier + P1 Low Noise Linear Power Supply.

This stack has three components necessary to drive headphones (and some small speakers). It can drive up to two headphones simultaneously, but the most normal use is with just one.


-1 x SMSL M8 DAC
Search for "DAC on a shoestring budget" for a good review of this DAC

This is a DAC an ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DAC and XMOS USB Receiver, supporting DSD high resolution audio.
The DAC has a tiny OLED display, pretty much showing just speed/freq and input source. A single press of the button on the right toggles between inputs (1x Coaxial, 1x Optical/Toslink, 1x USB). Despite being tiny, the display ends up being nice since it is OLED, with a deeply black background and small, but readable, text. No LEDs in this unit.
Comes with a brand new small 9V power supply, never used.

-1 x SMSL VA2 headphone amplifier.

As you see in the photos, it is a pretty simple looking unit. The feeling of quality is also present here. Unibody machined aluminum. You can notice it on the edges all around the case, the smooth, precise solid feeling of the volume knob.
The two gold plated headphone jacks look perfectly aligned/centered and having a nice solid click, no wobble, feeling like something in a larger unit. You can drive two headphones simultaneously, although I can't think of many reasons why. Left jack is for high impedance, right jack is for low impedance. People who get confused with Left/Right are helped by ingeniously applied "High" and "Low" labels.
Comes with a brand new small 9V power supply, never used.

-1 x P1 Linear Power supply

This unit feel as sturdy as the other two, although it is taller. About 0.5 Kg of aluminum. It provides noise-free power to your equipment and makes sure you get a totally flat noise floor even with super sensitive equipment (Like the Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs, etc).
The P1 has two power outputs. One is fixed at 5V, the other is selectable between 5V,9V,12V, with a solid-looking dip switch accessible under the unit. It arrives on 5V by default. Both supplied cables have added clamp-on TDK ferrite cores for noise supression. You can use it with any equipment of course, not just SMSL.

-1 x RCA cable kit. Just two RCA cables, Gold plated, nylon covered, with solid-feeling connectors.

This is a pretty nice stack, which can drive an HD800/HD800S easily at the same time of an MDR-Z1R. It can drive high impedance headphones with enough power, but it is also totally flat-silence in terms of noise floor with ultra sensitive earphones.
System was purchased in Aug. 20 2016 and has absolutely NO operation issues. I can provide a (long) reference history in a specialized headphone Forum if needed. Please email me in English for any questions.
If you're interested in only some of the three components, let me know.
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