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Passive stereo preamplifier,stepped volume,3 inputs,3 output

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The audio signal sources of today, Phono Preamplifier, (head amplifier) CD, SACD players with analogue outputs have sufficient output level to drive most power amplifiers directly without the use of an additional amplification stages between the source and the amplifier. With a high-grade, accurate passive attenuator placed between the source and the power amplifier, and when combined with modern sophisticated cables design with low capacitance even at longer runs, astonishing improvement in sound quality are achieved where the non-linearity noise and distortion from an electronically active preamplifier are avoided. SpJ - La Luce passive preamplifier * Stereo stepped attenuator, laser cut SMD (Surface Mount Technology - DACT like), sealed-construction; 10-K-ohm for amplifiers input resistance of up to 40-K-ohm, or 50-K-ohm stereo attenuator for amplifiers with high input resistance of more than 100-k-ohm (also tube-based amplifiers). The SMD attenuator has very low series inductance and diminishing low stray capacitance, and has a quicker, more transparent sound than the traditional wire-wound resistors and ladder mount wire-wound resistors which are also prone to mechanical/physical damage when handled. Only one individual SMD resistor is in the signal path at any of the attenuator volume step. L/R channels are matching in balance. * High-grade closed construction Rotary Selector Switch (silver coated contacts) with short traces for selecting one out of the three stereo inputs. * Short lengths of Silver coated OFC multi-strand wire, each channels L/R signal wires are twisted together for preserving the channel balance and separation and for farther enhancement of noise rejection. The wires are soldered point-to-point throughout. * Single ground OFC wire common to all inputs/outputs. Total of 6 high quality pairs of gold plated RCA sockets are used, for minimizing contact resistance and to ensure long-term oxidation-free surface contact: 3 pairs of inputs are select-able by the rotary selector switch: The selected signal is routed to the SMD/SMT stereo attenuator and to the Direct-out stereo output simultaneously. The direct-output pair of outputs by-passes the attenuator and feeds the full-volume output-signal from the selected source directly into your preferred active electronic crossover, or powered sub-woofer which has its own frequency crossover and volume attenuator. The two pairs of stereo outputs are activated simultaneously by the stereo SMD / SMT attenuator for facilitating Bi-amplification usage: Any of the two attenuated stereo outputs can be also used to drive an equalizer or an electronic crossover that has enough amplification on its own, or which is sensitive enough to drive the sub-woofer amplifier at the attenuated signal; in this way, the SpJ passive pre-amplifier attenuator becomes a "master-volume" for the total playback system. Enclosure: Varnished gold-blond pine Norge-wood, with polished Black Acrylic back & front plates and, gold/silver-color Solid-Aluminum knobs. Box size: For the DACT-like stepped attenuator version: Approximately 17-cm width, by 8-cm box depth (RCA inputs acrylic plate - to front acrylic plate), by approximately 7-cm height.
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