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Decware Taboo MKIII headphone and speaker tube amplifer

143 x gezien 2 x bewaard sinds 10 aug. '17, 17:19




Conditie : Gebruikt
Luidsprekersysteem : Overige systemen
Vermogen : Minder dan 60 watt
Merk : Overige merken


The Decware Taboo MKIII. What an incredible tube amplifier this is. I'm going to assume that if you're reading this you already know what the Decware Taboo MKII is. If not, I recommend that you go and read some of the reviews around the internet. This a handbuilt made-to-order tube amplifier that I got a few years ago, and that I now feel needs to find a new home as I'm not using it much (I also need to make room for some other hobbies).

The Taboo MKIII was primarily designed to run as a headphone amplifier, and primarily for large orthodynamic headphones like the Audeze LCD series. I chose to have two XLR outputs on this one (so you can run two headphones at once). This amplifier will also do an amazing job at powering speakers, especially if they're 94db or higher.

There's a lot to say about this amp, but again if you're not familiar with it I suggest reading online and checking the Decware website.

I have all the original tubes and will include a bunch of extra ones that I collected over the years. I'll even include my AG 500 Power Inspired power regenerator at no extra cost, which I bought specially to make sure this amp had stable and reliable power.

Would definitely prefer to have this picked up here in Amsterdam. That way you also get to see it first. This is an amplifier but it's just as much a piece of handmade audio art. :)
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