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Kicker XS50 Competition Versterker met extra modules er bij

344 344 x gezien 6 6 x bewaard sinds 24 jan. '21, 07:48

Kicker XS50 Competition Versterker met extra modules er bij

344 344 x gezien 6 6 x bewaard sinds 24 jan. '21, 07:48
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Kicker XS50 Competition Versterker met extra modules er bij

XS-Series Amplifier: The XS-50 amplifier is a competition-grade amplifier, capable of handling extremely low impedances. Its high current design enables the amplifier to provide enormous amounts of power for large, multiple-speaker systems. The amp is stable down to 1/2-ohm in stereo or 1-ohm in bridged mono. This allows you to safely connect two 2-ohm subwoofers, four 4-ohm subs, or eight 8-ohm subs in parallel to this amplifier in bridged mode.

Regulated Power Supply: This amplifier will perform at rated power with an input voltage of 12.5 to 16 Volts. There is no loss of power due to voltage fluctuations. Note: Because of the regulated power supply, the amp gain control does not give the amp more power when you turn it up. It should be used to match the output level of the source unit.

High Input Impedance: This amp has an RCA input impedance rating of 22,000 ohms. This high input impedance allows you to "daisy-chain" up to ten amplifiers without signal degradation commonly caused by splitters.

RCA Outputs: A set of gold-plated stereo RCA outputs can be used to pass full-range signals from this amplifier to another amplifier. The RCA output signal is not affected by the setting of the Kicker Active Signal Processing Module being used with the amplifier.

Module Docking Port: This amplifier has a Module Docking Port, an easy-to-use slot allows the use of a variety of Kicker Active Signal Processing Modules. The modules greatly increase the amplifier's versatility, and eliminate the need for external signal processors. A ZRX Subwoofer Crossover Module comes installed in the amp.

ZRX Subwoofer Crossover Module: The installed ZRX Subwoofer Crossover Module allows you to configure the amplifier in a variety of ways. By setting the module switch, the amplifier can be set for low-pass (producing frequencies 80Hz and lower), high-pass (producing frequencies 100Hz and higher), or by-pass (producing a full range of frequencies). The crossover slope is 12dB/octave.

Removable Logo Plate: The included Kicker logo plate is removable, and it can be placed where desired on the amplifier.

Removable End Caps: There is a silver and black end cap on each end of the amplifier. The end caps cover the controls and connections for a cleaner, more attractive appearance in your vehicle.

Protection Types: The amplifier will shut itself off when detecting one of the following conditions:

Thermal Overload
Over- or under-voltage
Reversed battery polarity
Speaker short circuit
Silent Turn On/Off: A built-in timer logic circuit delays the audio signals two seconds after turn-on, and immediately mutes the signal at turn-off, avoiding potentially damaging thumps or pops.


Power Specifications (12.5-16 Volts input):

Rated power 4-ohm stereo: 25 watts x 2
Rated power 2-ohm stereo: 75 watts x 2
Rated power 1-ohm stereo: 150 watts x 2
Rated power 1/2-ohm stereo: 300 watts x 2
Rated Power 4-ohm bridged: 150 watts x 1
Rated power 2-ohm bridged: 300 watts x 1
Rated power 1-ohm bridged: 600 watts x 1

Right Side of Amp:

Speaker Outputs: Two pairs of gold-plated set screw terminals that accepts up to 8 gauge wire (2.5mm Allen wrench supplied)
Module Docking Port: Port for supplied ZRX (or optional) Kicker Active Signal Processing modules
Amp Gain: Variable gain control for matching output level of source
RCA Input: Gold-plated RCA line input jacks
RCA Output: Gold-plated RCA line output jacks
Left Side of Amp:

Remote (Turn-on): Gold-plated set screw terminal that accepts up to 8 gauge wire (2.5mm Allen wrench supplied)
Ground: Gold-plated set screw terminal that accepts up to 4 gauge wire (3mm Allen wrench supplied)
+12V (Power): Gold-plated set screw terminal that accepts up to 4 gauge wire (3mm Allen wrench supplied)
Fuses: Three 30-amp ATC (blade-type) fuses
Power and Protection Indicators: Red and Yellow LEDs respectively
System Fusing Recommendation

Wiring Recommendations: This amplifier uses three 30-amp fuses, so its fuse rating (90-amps total) exceeds that of typical 4 gauge wiring kits, which tend to include a 60-amp fuse. For 90-amp fuse protection, an ANL wafer style fuse is required, but none of the 4-gauge wiring kits include a ANL-style fuse holder. Since pre-packaged amplifier wiring kits cannot be used alone, you may purchase all the necessary items separately, or you may use a pre-packaged 4 gauge wiring kit along with a ANL-style fuse holder and a 100-amp ANL wafer fuse (a 90-amp fuse is not available). If you do not use a wiring kit with the necessary additional items, the separate parts and wiring needed to install this amplifier are as follows:

1 ANL wafer-style fuse holder capable of accepting 4 gauge wire
One 100-amp ANL wafer fuse
2 power rings for 4 gauge cable
4 gauge power cable (to connect the battery to a fuse holder and the fuse holder to the amplifier)
4 gauge ground cable
Remote turn-on cable (speaker wire can be used as remote turn-on cable)
1 stereo RCA patch cables
Speaker wire
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