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do88 BigPack Volvo 700 900 Turbo 81-98, Black/Blue hoses,...

378 378 x gezien 5 5 x bewaard sinds 08 feb. '19, 19:31

do88 BigPack Volvo 700 900 Turbo 81-98, Black/Blue hoses,...

€ 648,50
378 378 x gezien 5 5 x bewaard sinds 08 feb. '19, 19:31
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Conditie : Nieuw


The best Volvo 740 940 Turbo 1981-98 performance intercooler kit on the market!

This BigPack includes both do88 performance intercooler and intercooler pipe kit.

This kit is for you with high horsepower goal and wants to upgrade to the absolute best! “Only” changing to our performance intercooler is a Big improvement but together with our pressure pipe kit the improvement is Huge! Our pressure pipes has better airflow than the stock pipes, this we have verified in several tests both in car and in our own SuperFlow SF-1020 flow bench.

Significant advantages with do88 BigPack (OEM intercooler/pipes):
- Core volume: 11906m3 (5377cm3), do88 is 221% larger!
- Air flow at 0,15bar/2,18psi pressure drop: 341CFM (268CFM), do88 27% higher!
See diagram below!
- Post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 32°C (66°C), do88 34°C lower!
See diagram below!
- Fits all cars in list below!
The OEM intercooler rubber supports in both the top and bottom needs to be trimmed slightly
because of the increased thickness.

BigPack includes a full aluminum performance intercooler and a complete 2,5” / 2,75" pipe kit and silicone hoses. This BigPack replaces everything between the turbo outlet and the throttle body this why it drastically improves the airflow / cooling performance compared to the original.

do88 performance intercooler are an all-aluminum construction with cad designed, flow optimized cast end tanks and optimized core design to achieve best possible cooling efficiency combined with lowest possible pressure drop!

The pressure pipe is manufactured in 2,5” / 2,75" mandrel bent aluminum pipe.

Custom made high quality silicone hoses with 4 layers of polyester/aramid reinforcement. These hoses can handle very high temperature and pressure!

Always remember that the OEM intercooler was designed for the power level the car was built for and a power increase or even very hard use of the car in a standard version may cause that the OEM intercooler don’t have the performance you need. So only after engine software tune do88 BigPack will give a performance increase over the OEM intercooler!

do88 BigPack comes with all hardware necessary for installation.

Included parts in this BigPack:
1. Performance intercooler
2. One 2,5" pressure pipe (Turbo-Intercooler)
3. One 2,75" pressure pipe (Intercooler-Throttle body)
4. Four silicone hoses
5. Eight T-bolt hose clamps
When you order this BigPack, there are two choices that needs to me made:

1. Color:
Three different hose colors are avalible Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.

2. Throttle body size:
"63mm Standard" if you have the original throttle body on your car.
"76mm ( 3inch )" if you have switched to a 3 inch throttle body . Volvo 740
Year models: 1985-1992*
Engine: B200FT B200ET B230ET B230FT B230GT
*1992 Cars wihout Air Condition Volvo 940
Year models*: 1991-1998
Engine: B200FT B200GT B230FT B230GT B230GK B230FK
*1991 Cars with / without Air condition
*1992-98 Cars without Air Condition Fits: Volvo 760
Year models: 1984-1990
Engine: B23FT B23ET 230FT B230GT B230ET Volvo 960
Year models: 1991-1994
Engine: B230FT B230GT
*1991 Cars with / without Air condition
*1992-94 Cars without Air Condition Volvo 780
Year models: 1989-1991
Engine: B230FT Note! IF your current pipes have BOV or/and temperature sensor connections, these pipes will NOT fit!
This diagram shows the charge air flow at different pressure drops of do88 BigPack compared to OEM intercooler and pipes*:

This diagram shows the charge air temperature post do88 performance intercooler compared to OEM intercooler*:

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