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Porsche 996 Turbo - 2002 Manual -Perfect Onderhoud Historie!

2290 x gezien 36 x bewaard sinds 23 mrt. '18, 16:16
€ 53.995,00
KM stand
Verbruik KM/L


Merk & Model: Porsche 911
Bouwjaar: 2002
Uitvoering: 3.6 TURBO
Kenteken: 09-JL-LF
Carrosserie: Coupé
APK tot: 15 januari 2019
Brandstof: Benzine
Kilometerstand: 187.000 km
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld 6 versnellingen
Energielabel: G
Verbruik: 7,75 km/l
Prijs: € 53.995,00
Motorinhoud: 3.600 cc
Garantie: -
Topsnelheid: 305 km/h
Kosten p/m: -
Vermogen: 421 pk
  • Parkeersensor
  • Open / panorama dak
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Centrale vergrendeling
  • Boordcomputer
  • Airconditioning
  • Lichtmetalen velgen
  • ABS
  • Bekleding leder
  • Airbags
  • Cruise Control
  • Sportstoelen
  • Navigatiesysteem
  • Stoelverwarming
  • Climate control
  • Elektrische ramen


This is probably the best maintained Porsche 996 Turbo for sale.

That's a big claim, but it's true! Let me explain.

Perfect (and more) Service History
Of course, she has a full and complete service history.

But what makes this car extra special is that EXTRA oil changes/services were done approximately every 7000km for the 10 years I have owned her!

Yes, that means serviced (with full Mobil 1 oil change) more than twice as often as Porsche recommend, and sometimes even more.

This servicing was always performed by Porsche, or the famous and respected Porsche specialist, Willem Koen (Koen Exclusief).

The engine is perfect, and hardly uses any oil. Thats a very good sign of a tight engine in great condition.

On top of the perfect service history, there is the additional maintenance.....

Maintained Regardless of Cost - Every Job Done
Every piece of mechanical work she ever needed has been done..everything, worth over 30,000 Euros. I'll give you some details further down.

All the work is documented and can be confirmed by you and Koen Exclusief.

This car is going to cost you a lot less to run than other cars, because I paid for all the work that typically needs doing on a 996 Turbo!

All the known problems of a 996 Turbo have been fixed on this car.

...and there is something else that makes this Turbo very special.

Fabulous Sports Exhaust - A Real Drivers Car
A rare and great thing about this particular Turbo, is her awesome sounding sports exhaust.

This Porsche special exhaust was fitted when the car was delivered to the first owner, and it sounds fantastic. These exhausts are expensive, usually over 3000 Euro. Really, you need to hear her to believe it. You will instantly hear the difference from a normal 996 Turbo.

A normal Turbo has a relatively quiet exhaust but not this one. Her exhaust note is powerful and exciting, and makes the car sound like the supercar she truly is. This exhaust gives a new dimension to an already fantastic car.

When you are cruising, she is quiet and gentle. But when you put your foot down she really lets rip!

The combination of a manual gear change AND a sports exhaust makes her a real driver's car.  Imagine driving over the roads in the mountains: perfectly timed gear changes, the addictive exhaust note echoing off the rocks, and of course that "slam in the back" Turbo performance.  Sublime!

She's a perfect balance of everyday practicality and supercar performance.

So, why am I selling?...good question.  :-)

Our Family Car for 10 Years - Kids Need More Room
Shes been our only family car for 10 years, 2 adults and 2 kids. We have driven all over Europe and loved it. Its been an absolute blast and great fun. But I am selling her now because my kids are 13, 11, and big. Even I must say a Turbo is too small for teenagers to drive to Italy.  :-)

We just don't use her very much now.

There are 187k KM on the clock. Thats more than some cars, true. However, as anyone who knows their Turbos will tell you, the Mezger (designed by Hans Mezger) engine is one of the strongest engines ever made (Le Mans derived).

If they are maintained well, 996 Turbo engines can easily reach 400,000 KM and beyond.

So sure, she's been used, but definitely not abused!

Anyway, here's a summary of the major work performed. I spent 30,000 Euros so you don't need to.  :-)

Major Work Completed - So You Don't Need to Worry About It

New brake discs and pads all round at 171,000 KM
New clutch at 151,000 KM
New hydraulic rams/pumps for lifting the rear spoiler at 151,000 KM
Gearbox and differential professionally reconditioned at 125,000 KM
New radiators (known weak spot of 996 Turbo)
New airco condenser
New driveshafts
New dynamo
New starter motor
New airflow meter
New water pump
New Turbo
New Airbag
Front end respray
Just had big service at 187,000 KM.again new oil of course
APK to end of Jan 2019

Nearly at the end now.  :-)  I know this is a longer advert than most.  However I wanted to take the time to explain the car in detail for you.

Let me finish with a few important questions for you.

Important Questions When Buying a 996 Turbo
Before you buy your 996 Turbo, please have a think about these questions:

Does the car you are looking at have...

   ...a perfect service history, with DOUBLE the required oil changes and constant expert maintenance, whatever the cost?

   ...a complete and fully documented life story from delivery to present day?

  ...all the known 996 issues repaired (and documented)?

  ...over 30k Euros of bills to prove the cars history?

  ...a sports exhaust that sounds absolutely stunning?

If it has, you should buy it!

There cannot be a better maintained 996 Turbo on the market, possibly even anywhere. This is a truly special car that has been used as Ferdinand Porsche intended, and maintained in a way he would be proud of.

I will be sad to see her go, but the time is right for her to find a new owner. An owner who is smart enough to see beyond the KM, and who appreciates the value of her complete maintenance history.

I am very happy to show you the car. You can hear the exhaust for yourself, and see that everything I write here is true. Everything can be confirmed by Willem Koen of Koen Exclusief, and any inspection is fine with me.

If you are interested, please give me a call! 

Kind regards.Dan.

P.S. Yes, I am English. I'm sure that your English is better than my Dutch!
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Algemene kenmerken

Merk & Model: Porsche 911
Uitvoering: 3.6 TURBO
Carrosserie: Coupé
Kenteken: 09-JL-LF
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld 6 versnellingen
Brandstof: Benzine
Kleur: Zwart
Aantal deuren: 2
Aantal stoelen: 4


Wegenbelasting: -
Reparaties en onderhoud: -
Banden: -
Brandstof verbruik / maand: -
Totale kosten per maand: -
Per kilometer: -
Per jaar: -


APK vervaldatum: 15 januari 2019
Aantal eigenaren tot en met nu: 4
Eigenaar sinds: 04 augustus 2008
Type laatste eigenaar: PARTICULIER
Datum registratie Nederland: 05 juni 2002
Import auto: Nee
Nieuwprijs vanaf: € 187.063,00

Motor, prestaties en onderstel

Motorinhoud: 3.600 cc
Aantal cilinders: 6
Vermogen: 421 pk
Koppel: 560 nm / 2.700 tpm
Topsnelheid: 305 km/h
Turbo: Nee
Acceleratie 0-100: 4.2 sec(0-100)
LPG-g3: Nee
Gemiddeld brandstof verbruik: 7,75 km/l
CO2-uitstoot: 309 g/km
Aandrijving: Onbekend
Remmen voor: Schijfrem
Remmen achter: -

Maten en gewicht

Lengte: 4,44 m
Breedte: 1,83 m
Hoogte: 1,3 m
Wielbasis: 2,35 m
Tankinhoud: 64 liter
Kofferbakinhoud min. - max.: -
Leeg gewicht: 1.515 kg
Max. toelaatbaar gewicht: 1.885 kg
Gewicht aanhanger geremd: -
Gewicht aanhanger ongeremd: -
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Advertentienummer: m1267920435
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