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Neiman, Emmanuel & Yochanan Afek - Invisible Chess Moves.

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Neiman, Emmanuel & Yochanan Afek
Invisible Chess Moves. Discover Your Blind Spots and Stop Overlooking Simple Wins
Alkmaar, New In Chess, 2011, Paperback, 240 pp., As new, with signature(s) from the authors(?)

Every chess player knows that some moves are harder to see than others. Why is it that, frequently, uncomplicated wins simply do not enter your mind?

Even strong grandmasters suffer from blind spots that obscure some of the best ideas during a game. What is more: often both players fail to see the opportunity that is right in front of their eyes.
Neiman and Afek have researched this problem and discovered that there are actually identifiable reasons why your brain discards certain ideas.

In this book they demonstrate different categories of hard-to-see chess moves and clearly explain the psychological, positional and geometric factors which cloud the chess players brain.

Invisible Chess Moves, with its many unique examples, instructive explanations and illuminative tests, will teach you how to discover your blind spots and see the moves which remain invisible for others.

Your results at the board will improve dramatically because your brain will stop blocking winning ideas.
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