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CD Joaquin Cortes - Pasion Gitana / Flamenco

6 x gezien 0 x bewaard sinds 06 sep. '17, 09:35
€ 4,50


Ophalen of Verzenden


Soort : Europees


CD en boekje zijn origineel en in uitstekende staat / bijna NIEUW.
Verzendkosten voor rekening van de koper.
CD kan ook worden opgehaald in Amsterdam (Bos en Lommerplein).

1 Perdidos 9:30
2 Leyenda Ambigüedad 6:24
3 Naciente 15:43
4 Irradian 9:14
5 Oscura Luz 19:27

Sometimes, just look at the boots of a man to know his story. The Joaquín Cortés is written to the beat of a farruca, ranging from a courtyard of Cordoba to the streets of Manhattan. In the middle, the whole world.

Veins leads the journey; and so in his taconeo the scent of a candle under the stars can be seen. But yours is something else: The precision of a metronome, with the unbridled passion of an entire people his, pouring in stabbings on stage. Rugen guitars, palms come from far away and the man who dances in the center makes the earth tremble with his loneliness heard. What strange alchemy is the art that makes us see the love, rage, desire and hope for a coup heel.

Cortés dances. But language always falls short. It may be fairer to say that Cortes broke her waist like a matador when the bull life passes him near the side and no more cloak than create hands, drawing fantasies in the air of a theater.

Gitano universal, new yorker with light feet, muscovite swan, Italian seducer, Spanish gentleman there is so much Cortés as kilometers in their boots. But always the artist, waiting to get out of scenes and ride their magic with the fury of an electric rider.

His dancing is a storm where curiously, found refuge. They never stop beating those boots; continue checking the pulse of all who sat us to see every night, in any city.

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