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CD Hassan Hakmoun and Zahar - Trance (Marokko) NIEUW Gnawa

7 x gezien 0 x bewaard sinds 20 sep. '17, 09:41
€ 6,50


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Soort : Arabisch


Cd en boekje zijn origineel en in nieuw staat. Verzendkosten voor rekening van de koper. Cd kan ook worden opgehaald in amsterdam (bos en lommerplein).

Great traditional gnawa rhythms undulating under modern world-dance grooves with some reggae and rock top-notes. Seriously dance-able, funky and up-beat.

Tracks op deze cd
1. Benia 2. Only one god 3. Soudan minitara (the bum bastic mix) 4. Challaban 5. Soutanbi 6. Soulalahoalih 7. Alal wahya alal 8. The sun is gone 9. Soudan minitara

allmusic 4+ stars from the hendrix-in-a-fez riff of bania to the fuzz-box nirvana of challaban, trance asserts psychedelic sovereignty over moroccan sensibilities that hippie hash-heads once claimed as their own music base. Twenty-five years ago, hakmouns high-amplification drone would have blown cream out of the stadium, but its thrills-per-wattage ratio today depends on whether or not youre willing to let bygone eras be bygones -- or how ardent you are about wanting to hear gnawa music done boggle style on two cuts. One experiment that reaps great dividends is an a cappella duet between hakmoun and carole rowley on the sun is gone, where the two baptize one another in mutually unreachable longing until hakmoun finally falls below the horizon, his amazing voice narrowed to a rhaita-like rasp -- the one great idea on this disc that isnt clogged with electronics. One of contemporary moroccan musics most notable figures, new york-based hassan hakmoun was born in marrakesh in 1963. At age seven he began to study tagnawit, the traditional arts, folklore, and rituals of the gnawa tribes, former slaves originating from the sudan whose arrival in morocco was marked by their conversion to islam. The gnawa people act as intermediaries in the spirit world and also as entertainers; hakmoun initially studied their dances and songs, later graduating to drumming, litanies, and chants. He left school at the age of 14 to travel in the pursuit of other gnawa masters, eventually ending up in france; upon returning to marrakesh, hakmouns repertoire continued to grow -- later including songs of arab and berber descent -- and he performed as a mallem, or master musician of the derdeba, a trance ritual held to placate the spirits. In 1987 he made his u.s. Debut, and remained in new york, absorbing the sounds of the citys urban music into his own style; hakmoun later joined several womad tours, and worked with peter gabriel in addition to recording with his own fusion band, zahar. From the mid-90s to the end of the decade, he concentrated on solo efforts like 1995s fire within and 1999s life around the world. He continued his work into the next century, releasing the gift in 2002.

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