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Snelle Macbook Air 11" (Mid-2012) 8/128 Mojave

401 401 x gezien 7 7 x bewaard sinds 28 feb. '19, 15:20

Snelle Macbook Air 11" (Mid-2012) 8/128 Mojave

€ 299,00
401 401 x gezien 7 7 x bewaard sinds 28 feb. '19, 15:20


Conditie : Gebruikt
Model : MacBook
Schermgrootte : Overige groottes
Processorsnelheid : Minder dan 2 Ghz
Harde schijf : Minder dan 200 GB
Werkgeheugen (RAM) : 6 GB of meer


The minumum price is firm at €299 if anyone who wants to offer more they are welcome to do so.

That is not cheap exactly but reasonable enough — the fuckers with 8GB of RAM are rare and they go for serious money on Marktplaats and elsewhere. Do not be tempted to waste your money and time on a slightly cheaper model with only 4GB of RAM, and/or on a machine from 2011 or earlier. You will be disappointed.

This (5,1) 2012 model is a huge improvement on the 2011 (4,1) both in terms of battery life and speed. And most importantly it supports the latest and greatest Mac OS Mojave which is installed, where the 2011 models are limited to High Sierra. Mojave is faster, leaner and uses less battery power and … it has dark mode!

The 8GB of RAM means it can do whatever is required of it without its little fans going and so it is a beautiful cool and quiet capable machine which is highly portable. Why settle for an iPad when you can have a fully functional computer in your bag that weighs the same?

This machine has seen very little use and has no dead pixels or any problems whatsoever. The travel on the trackpad is little odd at first, but once you're used to it, it's fine. Although the machine works perfectly, at some point in its life it's had a bump in on one side (see pictures). This is how I bought it.

The machine comes with a standard original fully functional Apple charger and extension cord.

Note : The machine is pictured in a box for aesthetic reasons but it does not come with the box. I can sell you a 11" MBA box with it for an additional €50 but it's not the box that this machine came in. It's a box for a 2015 machine.

The prices are NOT negotiable. Lower offers will be ignored and I will not respond to questions like what is your best price? The best price is the price! If I can't get my minimum price for it I will keep it.

I can send the machine to you after payment (or I am happy to do 'gelijk oversteken') via your preferred method if you pay the costs. Or I can meet you at Utrecht Centraal at a mutually convenient time if you want to look at the machine before buying. Unfortunately I cannot receive people at home due to family circumstances. Questions welcome in English of Nederlands.

Reason for sale : Reluctant sale. As you can tell I am a big fan of the 11" Macbook Air, but they don't make them anymore 😢 It is my favourite Mac of all time (and I started with a Powerbook 100 in 1991). I wouldn't use anything else, but I've upgraded to a 2015 model.
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