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3COM Office Connect 3C410002 Remote 511S ISDN Router 1208

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Soort : Extern
Eigenschappen : Routerfunctie, ISDN


3COM Office Connect 3C410002
Remote 511S ISDN Router
Zowel UTP als BNC aansluiting

OfficeConnect Remote 511S Access Router S/T Interface

With OfficeConnect® Remote access routers, small businesses and home offices can inexpensively establish high-speed ISDN connections to other networks, the Internet, and commercial information services. Quick to install and easy to configure, OfficeConnect Remote access routers bring WAN connectivity within the reach of every office setting. Economical features like data compression and IPX session spoofing keep ISDN transmission costs to a minimum. For use with AppleTalk networks, the new OfficeConnect Remote/A software upgrade for the OfficeConnect Remote access router family enables communication, over ISDN or leased lines, between Macintosh computers on an Ethernet LAN and other LAN-connected Macintosh computers at a remote site. OfficeConnect Remote/A software is the ideal solution for prepress production when you need to move large files quickly between Macs. You can use OfficeConnect Remote access routers either alone or as part of the stackable OfficeConnect family of small business networking products.

An optional voice/fax port and serial WAN interface add functionality for offices with additional communications requirements

Compression up to 8:1 maximizes the capacity of dial-up WAN links

OfficeConnect Remote access routers use Multilink PPP for standards based channel aggregation

Full-featured TCP/IP servicesincluding DNS and DHCP servers and Network Address Translation (NAT)make the OfficeConnect Remote access router family a powerful yet cost-effective intranet/Internet platform

OfficeConnect Remote/A software adds seamless communication through the standard Apple GUI between any Macintosh on a LAN and other Macintosh users, servers, and facilities on a remote LAN


OfficeConnect Remote 511 routers:1 LAN (10BASE-T), 1 ISDN BRI

OfficeConnect Remote 521 routers:1 LAN (10BASE-T), 1 ISDN BRI, 1 analog voice

OfficeConnect Remote 531 routers: 1 LAN (10BASE-T), 1 ISDN BRI, 1 analog voice, 1 serial WAN

IP and IPX routing, optional AppleTalk routing, Fast Connect, Multilink PPP, BACP, DHCP, DNS, NAT, and PPP

ISDN Call Control:
IPX/SPX session emulation (spoofing) with Fast Connect protocol

DTE Interface Support:
Auto-configuring X.21, V.24 (RS-232), V.35 (OfficeConnect Remote 531 router only)

Line Speed:
64 and 128 Kbps ISDN; 19.2 Kbps to T1/E1 serial WAN (OfficeConnect Remote 531 router only)

Flash Memory:

Network Management:
3Coms graphical Transcend® network management solutions for Windows 95 and Windows NT

OfficeConnect Remote 511S Access Router S/T interface 3C410002

OfficeConnect Remote 511U Access Router U interface; for Canada and U.S. only 3C410017

OfficeConnect Remote 521S Access Router S/T interface 3C410007

OfficeConnect Remote 521U Access Router U interface; for Canada and U.S. only 3C410022

OfficeConnect Remote 531S Access Router S/T interface 3C410012A

OfficeConnect Remote 531U Access Router U interface; for Canada and U.S. only 3C410027A

OfficeConnect Remote/A Software 3C407010

OfficeConnect Remote 511 Access Router OfficeConnect products are designed to give smaller offices and workgroups the productivity and connectivity benefits of larger office LANs but at a much smaller price.
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